December Rage Thread

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    @DambaKing said in December Rage Thread:

    @Demigod said in December Rage Thread:

    5 reasons I believe I should be playing in at least Gold III, not Silver I...

    1. I don't troll
    2. I always pick based on what my team needs, not what I want to play (no, seriously... I saw a troll who picks whatever he wants playing in Platinum IV because he always gets carried by his team)
    3. I am good with tanks, and I can heal just fine. Also, I usually carry games as DPS champions.
    4. I know proper talent picks, and proper loadouts...
    5. I know proper picks and bans to get good champions for first pick...

    Yet, here I am stuck in silver...

    That's why I don't play ranked, Selfishness

    Odd there are such selfish people in a team game... Seriously, I feel like I have to report at least one person every other game because they act like that.

    @Demigod I suppose he was, but he was even losing the 1v1s he kept going for. AGAINST SUPPORTS.

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    can't they remove haven and blast shield from the game already, it's just broken against some champs, I'm losing so many games cause of these items since teammates can't do shit the enemies just have to pick blast shield even if I'm the only blast

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    @TangAce Get better teammates.. fixed.

    Speaking of shit teammates... I go to the gym and my son played some ranked by himself.. When I get back he tells me some stuff that happened.

    1st: The Maeve gets disconnected and became bot so they lose 3-4.
    2nd: Win 4-2
    3rd: He gets flamed in the drafting phase for sucking by a Strix player. They got stomped 0-4 in 8 minutes. Really? You knew that he sucked before the match even started? Good way to boost team morale. What a DF.

    He get's placed Gold IV (he had won the first two placements with me the day before)

    4th: He's winning 3-0 then Evie decides it's time to throw. Emotes for minutes at a time. Ends up losing 3-4.

    I looked at his matches on guru - what a cluster fk. Some of the matches has bronze to plats on the same team.

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    @Dusklicious said in December Rage Thread:

    Nothing to do with Paladins, but allergies suck. 😷

    Alkolol - Non prescription but is behind the pharmacy counter. Mix 50/50 with saline water and flush it out.

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    not surprising, I usually have silvers in team when I'm diamond or even master

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    @TangAce said in December Rage Thread:

    not surprising, I usually have silvers in team when I'm diamond or even master

    I'm not surprised - annoyed that they can't do better with the MM.

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    maybe they should work on their MM instead of releasing more champs

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    just played against an andro in ranked with autoaim... looking at replays it was 100% headshot with noticeable aim corrections.
    I had the second best damage in the game with 46k and dude almost had 90k was completely disgusting

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    @ShogunPukin Top play and replays are wacked a lot.

    This is my Kinessa top play.. looking at the wall the entire time - 4 slays worth of wall shots.


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    @DaddyOoker death camera as well? because every time he solokilled me with 5 headshots in a row even if I tried jumping. I just had that andro and in next game an afk...

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    Yes it can. I even had that float effect you see a lot during POTG during the actual game play - all the players were doing the float thing instead of appearing to actually walk. A ranked game.. I'm like WTF is this.

    It's certainly possible that Andro had some sort of aimbot but the game itself does things that makes it look suspicious even when there isn't anything wrong being done. 5 headshots in a row does sound suspicious - unless you're a bot.

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    Oops - I broke the PTS already. I cleared the notifications and that's all she wrote. Had to end task to get out.


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    PTS kill cams... 🤢

    Seriously, do they care about people with motion sickness? I don't even have it and the kill cams make me feel a little bit sick. Though that's more chock down to headaches from the nonexistent character models than vomiting.

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    so yesterday I had a wonderful ranked, master/gm lvl everyone being lvl 300+, but hirez decided to put a lvl 23 only having 15champs including only one tank being ruckus, default deck no items obviously and he was even toxic af and understood nothing to the game

    so will our devs finally understand that MM is broken?

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    @TangAce Problems with this game:
    15% Balance
    35% MM
    Trust me

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    Okay, Damba's f***ing SS next patch if they don't nerf him. Seriously. The gourd talent makes tanks almost unkillable without at least caut 2. Might have to adjust my list because some of the stuff I have there needs editing. Example: Jenos is weaker than I thought he'd be simply because of how insane Damba's Gourd healing is.

    Also tried to play against a GM five stack in PTS. Great times, didn't you think @TTraw (We were on the other team in a couple of games with this five stack)? 😒

    And another thing, Acrobat's Trick's card is wrong. Either that or the card doesn't work. It says it lowers Healing Pot's cooldown by "s" for each LMB hit. Yes, it doesn't matter the rank of the card. It says that regardless.

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    you forgot bugs lmao

    also there'd be less toxicity with decent MM

    god I gotta go try stuff on pts lmao

  • Damba will be REALLY good next patch for sure.

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    You guys should make it possible to report issues in game.

    Having trouble trying to save a new loadout into an empty slot.


    This was the loadout


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    So my computer crashed randomly in the middle of a match... Great... 😒

    Oh and if they would only actually nerf Strix's rifle... Needs less damage... Seriously, even with the nerfs he got he's still too strong in PTS.

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