• We need survival back or at least a fathomable way to achieve the Last One Standing trophy/achievement. I JUST started playing this game and that trophy is ridiculously hard (pretty much luck of the draw in Siege. Fix it. Y'all apparently fixed the Master Talent trophy so come on please fix this one too..

  • Don't have it either but honestly it isn't a big deal imo specially on consoles since the game doesn't even have a platinum trophy for unlocking all the other ones, right now it's mostly a badge to show how long you've been playing the game.

    But if you really want it just put together two teams and make everyone jump off cliffs together leaving one player behind to get the trophy

  • Champion Of Champions is the plat.. and yeah I guess I can do that I'll have to find five good friends lol

  • @SlayYoBih69 didn't know they added a plat my bad, also afaik you need to be the only person alive in the lobby not just your team