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  • We´ve got mute button to chat voice in options. I´d like to suggest a button to "mute / disable" text as well. Specially in rank, I can see many toxic players. So, like in another games, the developers could make this button for general and/or for us choose what player mute. That is a way to help many people enjoying better the game. ✌

  • Bring back Team Chat in all game modes.

    Paladins is a team based game and not having Team Chat in all game modes makes it difficult to coordinate and strategize with our team unless we are using Party Chat with friends. With that said, not all of our Paladins friends are on the sane day or time every day or night.

    I had more consistant wins when I was able to voice chat with my teams whether they were on my Friend List or not. Now, my wins are more sporatic than consistant.

  • You must be PC lol, on console we're still begging for in-game chat...

  • PC

    @OriginalEquinox Honestly 80% from the game chat are toxic, unfortunately

  • @DambaKing still it's unfortunate that consoles don't have it for whatever reason, better to have it for the few times it helps rather than not have it at all

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