Makoa needs to feel more smooth

  • Makoa is an amazing character don’t get me wrong, but I feel like he could use a more fluidity when it comes to his abilities specifically his moving from his shield to his ultimate.

    I get some players play the half shell card, but I’m talking about when players move with the shield on his back. You physically can’t transform from the shell to the ultimate. This can be a big when it comes to survival.

    Khan compared to Makoa can charge directly out of his shield which to me does not make sense.. why can Khan just transition like that but Makoa can’t? It just doesn’t make any sense? I’m also not saying to change Khan I’m just wondering why this mechanic is in the game for these two specific characters.

    I would mention other characters like terminus going from his vortex to his slam, but Khan and Makoa are similar in a way.

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