Official Paladins Esports

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    Esports! It's always super fun to watch how the best of the best play and compete with each other, so if you're wondering where you can get in on the action, this topic will tell you exactly how!

    The Paladins Mixer channel is home to the official Esports broadcasts. While it does also have community streams play on it, you will be able to find the official broadcasts there. Even better? You can get Mixer Points just by watching to get some cool cosmetics in Paladins! Learn more about Mixer Points.

    Want to check out News, Schedules, Standings, Teams, and more for the Paladins Premier League (PPL), Paladins Minor League (PML), and Paladins Console League (PCL)? The official Paladins Esports website has got you covered!

    Don't want to miss out on any broadcasts or official Esports news? Follow @PaladinsPro on Twitter! They'll always update you on need-to-know information.

    So, after knowing all of this, you should be ready to enter the realm (😉) of Paladins Esports! If you do still have any questions, feel free to ask in this thread!

    We hope to see you discussing Esports and watching some tournaments. 🙂

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