What other uses are there for gold?

  • Once my spending is done, I plan on being on being the richest paladin in The Realm. I will brag about it and show off my gold. That, in itself, will be a personal challenge for me.

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    @jocasela And how would they earn? Cosmetic elements are the only thing on which they earn real money. Now you will have almost free BP, so monetization system is imo ok.

    @Conrad_Max How much gold do you already have? 😄

  • @Lukash369, not much as I'm still spending. But, one day...

  • @Lukash369 They have dlcs, packs, deal of the day (remember u could buy deal of the day with gems) season pass bla bla. Also not everyone is patient enuf to grind. Gold gain is grindy as it is already. You can be sure Hi-Rez already has more money than you can earn in your whole life. You really dont need to worry about Hi-Rez. What you need to understand is people are not shitting money. Trying to monetize everything and using customer enemy shifty business tactics will repulse players. No players, no money.

  • @Lukash369 I missed that part

    So many balancing changes, I only read that Seris is free now XD

  • I really wonder will we get a refund for the voice packs we already bought or not...

    If we don't then I'm saying goodbye to 200k gold I spent and I COULD HAVE spent to unlock Evie, Atlas, Damba, and Torvald.

  • @Lukash369 said in What other uses are there for gold?:

    Give all players emote/spray wheel slots by default

    Spray Slots 2, 3, and 4 are now unlocked by default and no longer need to be purchased
    Emote Slots 2, 3, and 4 are now unlocked by default and no longer need to be purchased

    I bought all voice packs and slots with my excess gold so I am not too bummed about that, at least gold was earned with the fun time I had with the game and don't feel like a waste but with those going free just decreases golds value even further.

  • @TMW001 I have the same problem, im playing this game for a long time( dunno around when talus was released), i am a hardcore free to play person, and still i have 1.300.000 coins ( i have everything that can be bought with them except some mastery skins, and even if i were to buy all of them i would be left out with arounf 750k ), they should add a way to spend all of this i dont care, give me a epic skin on ying with 300k and i would buy it( just an example) there needs to be something more.

  • @RSFUN Buy levels? KEK

    U can get many champions to lvl 30 i guess

  • @Demigod i quess is a way to spend them but i dont like the concept of buying levels anyway, and it has no use.


    After a vgs overhaul, a few more voicelines and some more character voice content would be nice... I would have preferred it soonet over some casters and streamers.

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    you should just save your gold to show off your impressively huge amount of useless currency :') or you can just level up champions

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