The Paladins Maps Guide

  • The Maps Guide is another crowdsourced Guide. (like my Champion Talents Guide)

    it is generally functioned to describe every Map in Paladins.

    Pretty simple right? To make things slightly simpler, I would give 3 categories to fill plus personal editorial commentaries.

    I'll be waiting for the community to give their thoughts on this.


    I have Three Categories to fill.

    1. Terrain
    2. Design
    3. Gameplay

    For Terrain, I have 3 Types to give, Flat, Textured, or Mixed.

    • Flat Maps are for maps with very little High Ground and doesn't climb a lot. (E.G. Shattered Desert)
    • Textured maps are for maps with lots of base High Grounds, usually needing tons of Vertical Mobility to Traverse. (E.G. Ascension Peak)
    • Mixed are for maps that combine the two. (E.G. Fish Market)

    For Design, again, with three types.

    • Structural, maps that have lots of building inside them. The building doesn't have to be high ground, so maps like Bazaar can still count.
    • Wide-Open. Maps without much structure and buildings. Biggest examples would be maps like... Frog Isle. Enviromental Hazardous maps are usually Wide Open.
    • Mixed. Again, a combination of the two, with some Wide-Open spaces and plenty of Structures inside them.

    Lastly, for Gameplay.

    • Offensive. Snowbally maps that you can win in quickly, so long you can cap the objective, and push. Usually small. Main example, Frog Isle.
    • Defensive. Large ass maps that usually give advantages to the team who loses cap, has a tendency to give long games. Example, Ice Mines. Usually important to have a flank in defensive maps.
    • Capture. Maps that don't give much challenges in Defending or Pushing a payload, but its biggest challenge is in actually capturing the Objective. Usually, the objective cap is inside a building. Example would be Ascension Peak.

    With that out of the way, I'll list all of the Siege maps, and I'll give an example of some.


    • Terrain: Flat
    • Design: Wide-Open
    • Gameplay: Offensive

    Editorial Comments: Frog Isle is a form of a sniper map that relies pretty heavily on capping the payload and pushing it. It's pretty small, and flankers aren't that good here, usually played with Aggressive Champions. Frog Isle is extremely snowbally, you can lose or win 4-0 here just by losing the first two points. Oh yeah. I've had plenty of Torvald top plays in this map in my old account because it's so damn open.


    • Strix. Sniper.
    • Drogoz. Wide open space makes it easy for him to fly.
    • Kinessa. Sniper.
    • Willo. Vertical Mobility good for repositioning, also good firing angles.
    • Grover. Small map for more healing

    Jaguar Falls:

    • Terrain: Flat
    • Design: Mixed
    • Gameplay: Offensive, with some on Capturing.

    Editorial Comments: Jaguar Falls is another map that is snowbally and is easy to win 4-0 in. It is somewhat enclosed and open in certain parts of the map, and is also reliant on its structures for key gameplay. Flankers are also pretty bad in this map, although some are good because of the way its tight capture point is shaped. It is a very-very well designed symmetrical map, and it promotes aggression just like Frog Isle.


    • Drogoz. Easy for him to hide behind walls while flying
    • Willo. Promotes aggression. Also, Fae Flight is a thing.
    • Inara. Works well here since it's tight pathways can be walled
    • Bomb King. Promotes Aggression, can spam point in high ground if played well.
    • Moji. Small side rooms, really good for Moji and easy dive since the rooms and limited amount of space in Jag falls can give Moji space. She pretty much only works here tbh.
    • Zhin. See Moji, but with more AoE damage and more survivability.

    Serpent Beach

    • Terrain: Textured.
    • Design: Mixed.
    • Gameplay: Defensive

    Editorial Comments: Serpent Beach is a defensive map due to the amount of high ground available for defenders to force attackers back. It is one of those very few maps that allows for two flanks if you have aggressive tanks, and for me it's also a map that needs to have a flank in, otherwise, you'll struggle pushing. Very fun and well designed map, in fact, I think it's TangAce's favorite map.


    • Maeve. Aggressive, good amounts of vertical mobility. A must have for Ranked IMHO.
    • Evie. Aggressive, plenty of verticality.
    • Strix. Snipers can work pretty well in Serpent Beach. Not so much for Kinessa though, she cannot fend for herself as easily as Strix can.
    • Drogoz. Vertical mobility for a damage dealer.
    • Willo. Same case as Drogoz.

    Frozen Guard:

    • Terrain: Flat
    • Design: Mixed
    • Gameplay: Capture

    Editorial Comments: Frozen Guard is a map with an enclosed objective that is neither offensive or defensive. It has a decent bit of flank routes, and it is often misconcepted as a Sniper map while in reality it isn't that much of a sniper map. Vertical Mobility is needed here, but flyers generally suck unless you are defending or attacking. It is really wide open but structural on the point and it is extremely difficult for people who are out of position to get into the objective, or to get out of hard fights because of how open it is. Tricky map IMO.


    • Maeve. Vertical mobility for pushing, and still can disrupt point easily even while trying to cap. Good mobility to disrupt backline.
    • Lian. (Lian works in every map but she gets a special mention.) Lian is good in Frozen Guard because of her ultimate. There is no easy panic button that a damage champion has to get out of fights in Frozen Guard's wide open backline, but Lian can fend off flanks much-much easier in Frozen Guard.
    • Imani. Apart from her dragon while capping... I think Imani does a really good job in Frozen Guard. She can fight enemies from range and she can also reposition herself pretty solidly while defending or pushing with her movement ability.
    • Notes on both snipers. They work on Frozen Guard just fine if you know how to fend off flankers and can get out of sticky situations. Strix is especially better here.

    Ice Mines:

    • Terrain: Flat
    • Design: Structural.
    • Gameplay: Defensive.

    Editorial Comments: The most defensive map in the game. I've never had a 4-0 game in Ice Mines (unless one versus bots, but they don't count). It's large, so Master Riding is usually a must have. It has plenty of high ground and some flank routes so having flanks are also necessary sometimes. All I can say about Ice Mines... it's tough to push in here.


    • Terminus: His Reanimate has infinite value in Ice Mines. Always ban him out if you get Ice Mines in Ranked.
    • Maeve: Tons of mobility, good pick since it's a defensive map.
    • Talus: Good to play here. Not that good exactly, but good since you can reenter immediately after death.
    • Damage Grohk: Landing Shock Pulse means you can dismount multiple enemies giving high ground in a very defensive map.
    • Grover: More range. More damage. Ice Mines can do this.
    • Dredge: One of the few maps where you can actually play Dredge in Ranked without getting odd looks from your team. Very good way to make your opponents take longer routes from spawn because Dredge denies points like crazy.

    Fish Market:
    Don't play in Fish Market. Just DC. This map sucks.

    Timber Mill:

    • Terrain: Textured.
    • Design: Structural.
    • Gameplay: Capture with Offensive aspects.

    Editorial Comments: Sniper fest. An offensive map because even Snipers can do lots of work (and I mean LOTS OF WORK) even while attacking. Its main fight though? Capturing the objective. Capping is key because of how dominant snipers are in Timber Mill. A single headshot can usually spell Bye-Bye point number 1 if the sniper somehow eliminates a support or the enemy sniper. Really fun but really annoying map. Get out of Line of Sight as fast as you can, and don't leave high ground unless you must.


    • Strix. Sniper
    • Kinessa. Better Sniper in Timber Mill (very specific map here) since you can burst people faster than Strix and get info through mines.
    • Atlas. Temporal Divide and his large shield with infinite health is the best way to deal with the sniper-fest. Best tank in Timber Mill.
    • Maeve. Aggressive burst and can deal with Snipers. Perhaps best flank in Timber Mill, not entirely sure about that... I don't play flanks that often... sorry.

    Stone Keep:

    • Terrain: Flat.
    • Design: Structural.
    • Gameplay: Offensive.

    Editorial Comments: My favorite map. A very good map for flankers and offtanks, and in a way, snipers too. Perfectly Symmetrical, small, plenty of flank routes, many choke points that are easy to break and very few ways to deal with attackers if you don't manage the few high ground available cleverly. Great fun playing in this map for me (I'm biased, but hey, I don't care 😏 ) Extremely aggressive if you let aggressive champions run rampant.


    • Fernando. Best map for him. He pretty much works everywhere but he works best here.
    • Maeve. Aggressive, can flank, can fly, can deal with high ground, can break choke points. (I think I mentioned Maeve way too many times, but she's good in Offensive maps, and a must have in defensive maps so you can push well)
    • Grover. Small map, can heal extremely reliably here.
    • Drogoz. Quickly denies the point, can flank reliably, deals tons of damage.
    • Evie. See Maeve.
    • Androxus. Great flanker, Maeve and Evie are better, but Andro works pretty well.


    • Terrain: Flat.
    • Design: Structural.
    • Gameplay: Capture

    Editorial Comments: Brightmarsh is a map with plenty and plenty of buildings. A blaster dominant map, and a good map even if you play champions that can't fend for themselves. Getting high ground on the part above the building and zoning is especially crucial. Also, windows are a crucial part of capturing the point. Attacking or Defending isn't that crucial here, because if you can cap... You've outdone the map

    • Drogoz: Blaster, can get high ground reliably, greatly denies point.
    • Willo: See Drogoz.
    • Pip: Blaster with vertical mobility... that can also heal. This is Pip's home, and it's also his best map.
    • Dredge: See Ice Mines. Another place where you can pick Dredge without weird looks from your team.
    • Evie: Blaster with vertical mobility.

    Splitstone Quarry:

    • Terrain: Textured.
    • Design: Structural
    • Gameplay: Defensive

    Editorial Comments: Splitstone Quarry is like Timber MIll, but it's less Sniper-y. Like Timber Mill, it's industrial themed design means there are lots of structures for Snipers and plenty of high ground to cover. But unlike Timber Mill, you cannot play Snipers as easily because they don't have clear vision to point/payload route. It's really defensive, and since there's plenty of in ground structures, you might need to hide a lot to maintain Objective Time, or to try and push.


    • Strix: Sniper. Honestly if you ask me Strix works anytime anywhere, but, fuck, he's not exactly the kind of champion you see in Brightmarsh or Ice Mines. Hence, I still need to mention him.
    • Drogoz: Plenty of highground, with minimum amounts of fuss to spam rockets to point.
    • Willo: See Drogoz. Any map where Drogoz works, Willo works in too.

    Ascension Peak:

    • Terrain: Textured.
    • Design: Structural.
    • Gameplay: Capture.

    Editorial Comments: Boy, where do I start. Ascension Peak is a map where Snipers are viable, and where capturing the objective is a tricky thing to do. It has so many structures, and you might need to have vertical mobility to play around the map. Defenders can excel easily because of how easy it is to spam from high ground, and attackers can use the multitude of flank routes inside structures to push. It's enclosed capture objective means fliers won't be able to spam the point as easily, and blasters can't have as much fun disrupting the point. Denying the point is also tricky because there's plenty of space for people to run around in it. You can hide very easily behind the rock in the point. I think this is a map where bounce mechanics would excel a lot.


    • Tiberius. Wait for his release. I'll bet you three reputation that this will be his best map.
    • Maeve. Her again. Same reasons. Though Evie doesn't work as well as Maeve in Ascension Peak because blasters don't have a good time while denying the objective.
    • Lian: Her falloff works best here, because her damage hardly falls off, perfect range for her to spam in the backline... I've known and had plenty of Ascension Peak games as Lian.
    • Khan: Despite pretty much working everywhere. Khan can throw people down the well of Ascension Peak (this is damn fun, look at the fear in their eyes as you give them the treatment Joseph got). Hence he gets a special mention.

    Warder's Gate:

    • Terrain: Flat.
    • Design: Structural.
    • Gameplay: Capture.

    Editorial Comments: Don't touch the crystal. Jokes aside, I dislike Warder's Gate, because of how easy it is to deny the point and how snipers can actually work in a flat map. It's a unique map where despite of its flatness, people can actually play long range champions without fear of being flanked, and flanks don't generally have a good time here because of how hard it is to reach and disrupt the backline.


    This is kinda tricky, correct me.

    • Ash, Fernando, Khan, Ruckus: Squishy flanks will struggle to deal with the backline because of how open the map is... Offtanks are necessary to dive in. Don't just focus on cap.
    • Strix. Sniper.

    Shattered Desert:

    • Terrain: Flat AF
    • Design: Wide-Open
    • Gameplay: Offensive.

    Editorial Comments: Shattered Desert is a long range map that is flat, but with plenty of flank routes. I don't really understand and enjoy playing in this map. So I'll wait for someone to give their thoughts on it.


    • Terrain: Flat
    • Design: Structural
    • Gameplay: Capture

    Editorial Comments: Tough, but fun AF map. This is a map with plenty of flank routes, even though it is quite small. An issue with Bazaar is that there is no backline, and only sidelane damage dealers, or point spammers. Sidelane damage dealers usually fight one another, and then moves on to screwing those sitting in the point. Flankers try to help their sidelane damage dealers to do shit against the enemies sidelane damage dealers. Fun but poorly programmed map (I mean it when I say it is poorly programmed , the walls are damn inconsistent)


    • Strix. Him again... All mentioned reasons. Can somehow beat an enemy flanker and the enemy sidelane damage dealer alone.
    • Willo. Easy flier, good sidelane pressure, good point denial.
    • Drogoz. Flier with more point pressure than Willo.
    • Inara. Busted in Bazaar because she can secure herself with her wall and deny the point in a really annoying way. I see her banned out in ranked and the banner usually taking Barik.

    As mentioned before this is crowdsourced, if you have thoughts on what I should be adding or how a map is played, please mention my name.

    Notes on Key Champions... Champions who are supposed to work in all maps (E.G. Cassie, Makoa, Jenos) would probably not be listed.

    I'll update this several times till it's done

  • Added Brightmarsh, Stone Keep, Timber Mill, and Frozen Guard

  • Guide completed. Will request Tang to post this on his page.

    Only need to add bits on playing around the map, and Shattered Desert plus Fish Market. Two maps I hate the most.

  • PC

    okay I'll surely post it, but I really want to correct some stuff

    I'll do it map by map

    frog : drogoz and willo aren't the best in frog, well drogoz might work if strix and nessa are banned, it'd be a good map for him but it's a sniper map, tbh best map for drogoz ain't the one where you can fly in the open, cause you don't want to give LoS to the enemy
    for willo it's pretty bad because it lacks good highgrounds, there are close to no highgrounds and they have pretty bad angles on the lowgrounds
    I'd say bomb king and maeve are really good in this map
    maeve and evie are the only playable flanks in frog and bk ash and khan are threatening af due to water, plus it's a tiny map and bk likes that
    I'd also say one can play skye in this map, but that may just be me lel

    jag : I agree flanks are bad in frog, even worse than frog is jag x)
    as you said, this is a blaster map, but I'd like to add that it's the best moji map and it's also pretty good for zhin

    serpent : ahah yes it's from far my favorite map, imo it's the most interesting due to the many highgrounds
    you should mention androxus, not just evie and maeve, I'd say andro and evie are a bit better in this map than maeve
    kinessa is better than strix because she has more mobility
    you should mention ash and inara because they are the only tanks who can take the highground during a push, and most aggressive strats rely on one of these 2

    frozen guard : shitty map, not mixed but wide open, it's actually the most open map in the game and it's so damn flat, it's like the total opposite of serpent beach
    really hard to push in this map due to the very defensive spawn area, it's also the worst evie map
    maeve is probably the only playable flank in this map
    lian and cassie are pretty great here, strix better than nessa, this map is really tricky and I never know what may or may not work in it

    ice mines : eh it's not flat, like not at all
    it's the biggest map in the game and pretty hard to push, master riding is a must have
    ahah I agree on term, I think some ppl team made a strat based around term to get a 4-0 in ice mines
    you should mention bk and drogoz, combustible is pretty great and bk as great value here for the aggressiveness

    fish : aww cmon it's better than desert lmao
    it's flat, wide open, without many buildings and you can dismount the enemy so easily
    sniper map, any hitscan works, khan and ash are great here as well for obvious reasons

    timber : how can you talk about timber mill without mentioning evie omg, also ruckus great there
    bonkar fav map for sneaky pushing lmao

    stone : hum it's not flat...
    god you mention nando but not ash T.T, and what about bk lel, his best map with jag xD

    brightmarsh : yeah it's kinda flat and at the same time, no, it's a blaster map and it's tiny af, it's rather offensive map, bonus point for ash and nara cause they can take on the enemy spawn and it helps a ton in a push, and grohk's fav map

    quarry : not true about willo, okay she works in this map if you are aggressive af, but honestly not the best drogoz map, pretty great for evie maeve and nessa, strix will shine in cap and defense while nessa can help being more aggressive, great map for vik

    ascension : I like evie in this map, strix or nessa are great, vik too, you gotta be talking about Io and barik since they are the best in this map, if lian works, cassie works
    won a triple tank ranked 4-1 in it 2 days ago xD I like when I get a team aggreeing on weird comps

    warder's : it's not a good map for strix, good map for flanks, good map for grohk, I like maeve here too, special mention to zhin as well, I'd also say cassie better than lian, oh and a good one for bk or even moji

    desert : worst map, just alt+f4
    weirdly a good map for talus and bk imo, vik and strix are pretty god like, lian too, other than that, I hate it so much that I don't even care what's good or not in this shitty map

    bazaar : yeah strix...and willo, I hate this map just cause of these two
    barik and nara are pretty nice
    maybe my fav map for raum and ash can really be great vs a strix, pretty decent for maeve or zhin, bk too and weirdly I find moji pretty nice here as well

    imma just finish by saying some stuff are my opinion while other are more general opinion or even stuff from ppl

  • @TangAce

    Ash and Khan works in every map, I don't mention them unless they are really good in those maps...

    As for Ruckus and Evie in Timber Mill... I forgot XD

    I'll add stuff u said about Fish Market since I hate that map

    Ice Mines on Terminus, your welcome, as for Frozen Guard, I hate that map, and I don't have that much knowledge on it...

    Thanks though

  • PC


    ash and khan work on any map, but there are some maps where they become priority pick, that's why I mention them

  • @TangAce Gotcha there

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