Best and worst things in the next patch

  • PC

    I liked the new ripened gourd for damba, the horse lean, The burn monster nerf and the koga buff.

    I hated the Items balance changes.

  • Liked: skins, cosmetics, etc.

    Disliked: Torvald is even more of a shieldbot, and not reverted to his good form from OB42

  • PC


    • Terminus buffs (Even if there's more to be done)
    • Ruckus buffs (even if most of them are actually indirect)
    • Changes causing meta shift (Double support meta will be coming)
    • The end of Tinkerin normies (they made the talent useless again)
    • Fortify Barik might actually be viable
    • Makoa has FINALLY been balanced, somewhat
    • Actually decent Strix and Cassie nerfs
    • Grover and Ash skins are great. Now if only they didn't do what they did to Ash...


    • Torvald's stupid buffs... He's going to be SO broken. ☠
    • Ash got nerfed HARD for seemingly no reason. She's a C tier character now.
    • New VGS is an atrocity... Seriously, somebody needs to petition a revert.
    • The mostly tone-deaf item changes (Items may actually be better NOW than they will be). Now I'm not going to diss the Caut and Wrecker nerfs as much as I will, basically EVERYTHING ELSE. Nimble nerf, Morale Boost nerf, VETERAN NERF...
    • RIP Io and Raum. (Raum's DR was necessary to keep a pulse and Io's nerfs are stupid)
    • Unnecessarily huge Architectonics buffs (the talent was pretty decent as is)
    • The Lian skin is DISGUSTING and absurdly lewd. 👎 Seriously, why do we need ANOTHER LEWD SKIN OF A FEMALE CHARACTER?
    • The absurd, reasonless NERFS of Sha'Lin and Moji. Yes, I said it. THEY ARE BOTH NERFS.

    Yeah it's a bit of a mixed bag... I mean I'll take it since they're clearly TRYING, but still, they might need to listen to their community a bit more than their nonsense "statistics."

  • BEST:

    • Zhin getting Yomi in his base kit, and his buffs.
    • Makoa getting Nerfed.
    • Buffs to Terminus and Ruckus giving them steps in the right direction.
    • Grover buffs to Fatalis. Hybrid Grover gonna be a thing.
    • Fernando can be Flanknando again in the future!
    • I like the Talus and Grover skin. Ooh, Lian skin is so damn hot too.
    • Nessa buffs are a step in the right direction
    • Torvald buffs! YEAY! He's not squishy anymore!
    • More appearances of Timber Mill and Ice Mines... LESS APPEARANCE ON FISH MARKET! HURRAH!
    • Free Voice Packs! YEAY!


    • Strix nerfs. I know it was coming and it was perfectly fair, but I guess I'll have to learn another broken damage dealer in the future.
    • Ash nerfs. Like, wtf?
    • Khan nerfs. Personal bias, I know it was coming and fair.
    • I have to relearn VGS, I hate this.
    • Cassie nerfs. Read Strix.
    • Io nerfs

    Now a more thorough discussion

    Anybody noticed the removal on all the movement speed cards and lifesteal cards? I think Buck sorta got buffed since he got a good MS card in his deck now.

    Movement speed changes are hugely underrated and I think Temporal Divide Atlas running 5 points on Beyond the Veil are gonna be OP AF again!

    We'll see this in the future ofc. But, Atlas probably already knows what happened, he just won't tell us so he doesn't change the timeline.

  • BEST:
    -Nessa buffs
    -Strix being killed into the ground, finally, after such a long time
    -Nerfs on Atlas, Khan, Tinkerin, Ash, Koa dmg nerf
    -Zhin buffs
    -Io nerfs
    -Recurve buff on Sha
    -New Battle Pass system
    -Koga buffs
    -Lian not being touched
    -Bulldozer nerf -> Dog will be unkillable
    -Io's right click not being nerfed like other supports' healing abilities
    -Andro's dash distance lowered

  • PC


    • Zhin buff/rework
    • Io nerfs
    • Koga buff
    • Nice new skins
    • Sha Lin Recurve buff!


    • Bulldozer nerf. Imani's dragon's gonna kill me a lot more...
    • Item changes
    • Sha Lin's rework. Planted was so much more balanced.

  • PC

    Now that the PTS has gone through:


    • Fortify's indirect, and massive buffs.
    • Terminus Buffs. He may be kind of meta now.
    • Makoa Nerfs (And ones that will actually have a SERIOUS impact!).
    • Cauterize Nerfs (Now that the stupid duration/cost changes are out...).
    • New Acrobat's Trick is so good.
    • Fernando got some really nice buffs.
    • Tiberius. He's the most fun I've ever had with a DPS.
    • Ruckus got some nice buffs.


    • Ash and Khan's absurdly hard nerfs.
    • Mal'Damba's new Ripened Gourd. He's the new Makoa, except a healer.
    • Io's unnecessarily rough nerfs suck.
    • Sha'Lin's rework. It's an unmitigated disaster, and A NERF.
    • Tyra getting nerfed for no reason whatsoever.
    • Maeve and Lian getting BUFFED when they needed NERFS.
    • New Thanks, Grandpa is DISGUSTING.

    Overall, it's a mixed bag still definitely. EDIT: This got downvoted for some stupid reason. 😆

  • @DambaKing Why do you hate the item balance changes? Buying the same cauterize-wrecker-rejuvenate-reillance combo without think over the situation solved everythink? Ppl bought Life Rip or Veteran could be called noobs? Now there are much more balanced items, learn a simple meta won't couse advantage. You have to calculate what is needed and can customize your playstyle with balanced items.

  • PC

    @KicsitCsicska This was my old opinion,after thinking and calculating, I am now pleased with the item changes

  • PC

    vgs bad
    skye heal good
    everything else idc

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