Marcus, the Valiant

  • Lore
    Just as anyone else in Magistrate regular army, Marcus always was the Realm's sworn defender. In countless battles he earned himself glory and respect of the deadliest artilleryman ever lived. He never yielded Infront of enemies. He always fought to the last breath, that never was his own. He gave a vow to deal with any threat to the Realm, and never broke it. Confrontation with Paladins is yet another reason to show his worth.

    Marcus looks like a seasoned artilleriyman with roughened facials like broken nose and left eyebrow scar. He is medium height. He has a patch on his nose. He wears a beret, a camo uniform and a bandolier. He's about 40-45 years old.

    Marcus likes soldiers like his own. He respects Victor, despite his past mistakes, and Strix. He doesn't like Lian, though, since she claims herself a warrior and a commander, yet Marcus hasn't seen any feat of her strength.

    Role - Damage
    Health - 2400
    Move speed - 360


    1. Combat rifle - a simple infantry weapon for self defense. Fires a 600 bullet every 0.85s with good accuracy. Efficient up to mid range. Has 6 ammo and 1.3s reload time.
    2. Mortar - a great artillery weapon, that launches lobbed explosive projectiles every 1.2s. Shells are strongly affected by gravity and explode on impact for 1000 damage in 45ft radius. Mortar has limited angle of fire from 45 to 85 degrees up (adjusted to your angle of view). Has no ammo or reload.

    [RMB] Lazer pointer - you highlights trajectory of your bullets or shells. This pointer is visible to anyone. It also increases accuracy of your rifle by 15%, while decreasing it's damage falloff and fire rate by 20%. Has 1s toggle CD.

    [Q] Artillery deploy - you holster your rifle abd deploy your mortar over 1.5s. While mortar is deployed you cannot move. You can swap weapons back over 0.5s by reactivating the ability. Has 1s toggle CD.

    [F] Reactive shield - places a shield generator beneath you. If the generator receives damage or there's an enemy within 20ft around, it self-destroys to create a dome shield, that lasts 5s and has 2000 health. Enemies under this shield take 400 damage per second until they leave or the shield is destroyed. Only one generator can be placed at once. Has 15s CD.

    [Ultimate] Carpet bombardment - you overclock your mortar and automatically fire 6 shells over 3s (0.5s per shell). You can change your fire and view angle over the duration. You can cancel the ability by reactivating it.
    "In over your head!/Scorchin' the ground!"

    Shell shock - hitting enemy with mortar shell slows them by 20% for 0.8s.
    Long-range superiority - your rifle hits with Lazer pointer on has no damage falloff and deal 20% more damage
    Regenerative shell - Reactive shield now heals you for 250 health per second while it's active and you remain under it.