New balance changes overview

  • The most important message is that I realy like the new changes! I agree with almost all of the balance changes as well! I just read through the patch desciption and collected SOME points what I disagree with. I will explain why, of course.

    -Chronos is the most used item among the supporters. I don't understand why it's prize has been radically reduced.
    -Bullsozer is still a rarely used item. It will be just a meme after the 2.5 times less bonus. I think 30% scaling would keep it in the meta.
    -Makoa's Leviathan is picked for thee cc immunity. It won't be used after it moved into his base kit. I suggest to buff it's Hp bonus to 1000. Concider that Tank's HP cards can give that 600 HP on lvl4. A talent should be better than even a lvl5 card.
    -Torvald: Study Field shouldn't be nerfed again! Jenos' Lumaniry give 15% dmg bonus for 3 allies at the same time while Study Field gives for 0.67 allies (if he gives it every 6s and it won't be destroyed before the 4s duration). So it garants 4 times less bonus. Meanwhile Thanks Grandpa will give 500 more shield: it's much more than 10% damage even against Wrecker. I think 400 shield would be balanced, 500 will cause everybody will use Thanks Grandpa.
    -Furia has a card Inner Fire, what generates {1|1} Ammo after Healing an ally with Kindle Soul. So every 4s. And she got a new card what generates the same amount of ammo after getting an eliminaties. But eliminaties are much rarelier. So this card will never used until (the anyways not often used) Inner Fire is in her kit. I suggest to buff Devout Dexterity's bonus from {1|1} to {3|3}.
    -Ghrok: There will be tons of changes but Ghrok is as under the average as he won't be in meta until you don't nerf all of the champions by a lot. He realy needs his Ghost duration back for make his escape ability useful without tons of loadout points investigation.
    -Io's Goddess’ Blessing was useless when she first came out on the PTS, I explained why, so it got buffed from 15% to 25%. I agree about it's realy strong now (even it isn't OP - Vex30) and it will be even better after the caut nerf: heal the attacked ally won't be worthless, so not just the DR, but the heal will work too. But considering Cauterize also got two buffs and Rejuvenate got nerfed too the things won't change radically: 15% DR won't be viable as it wasn't then. I think 20% would be balanced.
    -Mal'Damba: Otherworldly makes Mal'Damba an almost viable flanker. It is so funy! Pls don't reworks it! Snake Pit won't be viable with 2% scaling. Sha Lin got nerfed his same card to 3%. It would be good for Mal'Damba too.
    -Skye: Healing Vapors is still one of her best cards, I have awesome matches with this. It will be even better after the Cauterize nerf. And even more after Smoke and Dagger gives its bonus to the allies. It doesn't need any buff! Tactical Reload's buff still isn't enaugh, I'm sure.
    -Zhin: Footwork gives the speed bonus more often than Up in Smoke, gives it for a longer duration and it also can be effected to the Billow. You nerfed the wrong card. Footwork needs nerf, not Up in Smoke.
    -You said Cassie is balanced, won't be nerfed. But she will. Her Dodge Roll cd nerf 5s->7s will weaken her too much. Rip Cassie. She needs nerf on her simple burst combo not on her mobility.
    -Lian will be still depend on her Eminence-Heraldry combo, because it garants her the most burst damage. Eminence's cd reducetion should be nerfed.
    -Tyra has more and weaker bullets than Viktor. So her ammo generator card needs more bonus than his. Viktor's ammo card also gives ammo on assists and gives 7/lvl. Tyra's gives just 5/lvl and only on kills. And her ammo will be even more and less dmg dealer. So her card Trail Blazer will be even useless than it is now. This card needs a rework. (Maybe {10|10}% cc reduction would be fine. I know that these type of card have been removed, but dear Tyra needs some help when she uses Crossfire.)
    -Vivian's One Step Ahead is still OP as hell. Sha Lin had the same card with just 5% scaling (instead of Vivian's 6%) and it will be nerfed to 3%. So why Vivian's even strong card still exists?

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    @KicsitCsicska said in New balance changes overview:

    It would be good for Mal'Damba too.

    That's my masky boy!

  • Good for Mal'damba guy really needs this.

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