KEEP Third Person for Disability and MORE

  • PLEASE do not remove third person view! I have an inner ear problem that causes me to have extreme sensitivity to motion sickness. If you remove third person, I can not play this game. Third person lets me play when I otherwise could not. I LOVE this game and I want to keep playing.

    Additionally... part of my joy in this game is watching my characters move around. I get more into it by getting more into my characters. If I can't see them... that vanishes. Releasing their voicepacks was a GREAT move and one I was just talking to my wife about because it would add so much more character to them!
    But removing third person means I can't see my skins... so why am I bothering with them?

    I absolutely ADORE watching my Seris float about. When I'm in the launch room, I'm floating around just watching her animations and appreciating the beautiful character design. It makes me want skins so I can look at them as well.
    If we go all first person? I have no reason to want a skin. It really won't interest me anymore.

    Well, I guess it won't anyway since I won't be able to play. :c But even if I could, why buy a skin if I can't see it?

    Please don't do this. This will ruin the game for anyone who gets motion sick in first person, and it will shoot you in the foot on skin sales anyway.

  • Disability...

    OMG I haven't thought of it this far, I only thought it was like, an issue cuz it's less fun that way...

    May your voice be heard by Evil Mojo @SheiFoxy

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    Someone has downvoted this @SheiFoxy, (Andro VVGT)

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    @DambaKing said in KEEP Third Person for Disability and MORE:

    Someone has downvoted this @SheiFoxy, (Andro VVGT)

    Maybe somebody for some odd reason thought this motion sickness issue is faked or something? Really can't think of anything else...

    Whatever it is, it must have been somebody who lacked a conscience.

  • @DambaKing why people are allowed to take a dump on something someone put thought and effort into without having to give any reasons is beyond me smh

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    @OriginalEquinox You mean you are the downvoter? You know my english is bad... (if yes sorry)

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    But no one downvoted posts in this thread 😅

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    @Lukash369 There was

  • @DambaKing lol no i don't downvote unless it's utter rubbish and even then I'll try to give a opinion if I can, I'm usually upvoting stuff that has a downvote for no reason just so the person who posted it wouldn't feel bad or discouraged in any way.

    What I meant in my previous comment was people shouldn't be allowed to downvote posts without giving their reasons for it in the form of a comment, that should deter the toxic few who does such things I think

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    But please don't change the topic. Thread is about 3p mode, not downvoting (really nobody gave downvote, I checked it out.)

  • You have my full support I may not suffer from such problems but having the option for other is always welcomed.

  • Keep 3rd person. Everyone has the option to switch to it if they want. I want to be able to veiw my character n experience this game style - all it does is make the game MORE of what it can be.

  • Isn't there an "official" discussion thread on this topic? With other similar threads being locked and members being directed to post in the "official" thread?

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    This thread is older than the "official" one. But yes, everyone should check this -->

    Any constructive opinion will be useful.

  • OIOI....


    As you grow your peripheral vision grows wider, and the paladins default FoV was A NIGHTMARE TO ME... I AM AN EX UT and Quake player who likes close to 140 FoV... any game footage of below 80 fov gives me nausia from my PC screen

    Most of you should be happy with 90 to 120.

    Some cases low FoV can leed to a sense of tunnel vision or a constant 'objects in the mirror are closer then they appear' kind of vibe... which shreads me as am always moving, checking my surroundings kind of guy.

  • @Lukash369 i agree taking out the 3rd person view just make me and some of my friends not want to play this anymore. For some characters its better to use 3rd person view. And some start feeling sick from the first person view. What i dont see on having is a mount that you only have in certain game modes and can not summon when you want

  • @Mindofatitan The third person mode is why I played this game over other arena shooter titles. Now that this has been removed along with the daily login bonuses, I've uninstalled the game on all of my consoles and systems. I love the characters and lore, but until third person is restored and the login system is fixed, I cannot in good faith continue to play or put my money into the company.

  • @aquariusfriar Developers already stated that they never wanted third person in the game. So its removal is not going to come back.

    Hi Rez is making a new 3rd person shooter called rougecompany.
    This game was built from the ground up on 3rd person only.

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