Paladins PTS is Live! - A Tigron's Tale

  • Evil Mojo

    Hello all!

    PTS is up with the A Tigron's Tale patch. The build you will want to be on for now is 3.1.3477.0. You can download the patch by going to the Paladins page on Steam and selecting the “Click here to install Public Test Server” button just below the cool videos and images:

    NOTE: Crystals will not be automatically awarded for logging in to PTS this patch. If you are using PTS on Steam, you will be able to "purchase" Crystals using the Store (using the Steam interface) without expending any actual money. To do this, perform the following actions:

    • Log in to PTS on Steam
    • Select Store
    • Select "Buy Crystals" button
    • Select any bundle on the screen
    • Select Authorize on the window that pops up

    Crystals will be added to your account specifically on PTS. If the HiRez Store pops up instead of a Steam window, DO NOT CONTINUE. We are investigating.

    Please use the #report-a-pts-bug channel to report any bugs you find in PTS! Thank you so much for participating in the Public Test Server! You can find the discord at!

    Currently known major issues with PTS Build 3.1.3477.0:

    • If a Player purchases Battle Pass levels, they will not acquire or be able to equip the items on the Battle Pass Track until they close and reopen their client. This will be fixed in a later PTS build.
    • If Tiberius uses the Honed Sense card and activates Combat Trance between rounds, he will gain Ultimate Charge. This will be fixed in a later PTS build.
    • Tiberius' Whirling Blades attack may have animation issues if used multiple times in quick succession. We are working on a fix for this issue.
    • Tiberius' World-Traveler card has been disabled while we investigate issues with it, which also prevents the default loadout "Nomadic Race" from being selected in match. They will be turned back on in a later PTS build.
    • Tiberius' Bragging Rights card is currently activating when his Chakrams hit shields and deployables. This is not intended and will be fixed in a later PTS build.
    • Tiberius' weapons may show in world, not connected to his model, as he is walking around. We are investigating this issue further.
    • Sha Lin's only equippable talent currently is Desert Silence. We are working on getting the other two Talents up and running for a later PTS build.
    • Sha Lin's Rapid Shot is currently dealing 100 damage per shot more than intended.
    • Io's Sacrifice talent will not reset the cooldown of Luna when it activates.
    • 1P currently does not display properly in killcam and Top Play. We are investigating further.
    • There is currently no Mastery Level restriction for purchasing Mastery items. This is not intended and will be fixed.
    • You can complete the Make a New Loadout quest by backing out of a Default Loadout currently. This is not intended and will be fixed.
    • A few Champions have broken mount animations on the Cat and Horse mounts as we finish with some remaining animation updates. These will be fixed in a later PTS build.
    • Players are currently able to purchase the same Battle Pass tier repeatedly. This is not intended and will be fixed.
    • There is currently no Keybind setting for "Mount Up". This will be fixed.
    • Buck and Evie each have a default loadout that is not valid for their kit. This is not intentional and will be fixed in a later PTS build.
    • Some Battle Pass challenges may not increment properly in the current PTS build. Please add any information about these that you see, as well, as we continue to investigate.
    • Imani does not have the increased Movement Speed added to Frostfire Glide yet.
    • Androxus' Featherweight card and Viktor's Guerilla Warfare cards do not currently function in PTS.

  • Sha's ult doesnt give him invis after the first shot, VGS is stuck if you die right when you used it, Terminus had a RLLY big buff, thank you guys for that, but the problem is that the description is wrong, not a lot of guys will see how terminus got strong and maybe meta, the card is supposed to say, hits with calamity blasts give you {3%-15%} POWER SIPHON back (not a charge) thnx for this buff, i rlly like it ^^

  • PC

    This post is deleted!

  • PC

    Tiberius' Chakrams can go through Term's Power Siphon (Blade can also but I'm pretty sure that's intended, the Chakrams obviously just shouldn't), and Andro's Defiant Fist talent sometimes doesn't work. Two I found out recently playing.

    On the first one, no they were not ricochets that went around it. The Tiberius can throw chakrams straight at the Siphon and they can go straight through it...

    EDIT: First seems to either been fixed somehow or I must have somehow been crazy, and don't know if the latter was or not.

  • Multiple people have logged into the pts and have only been rewarded with a masters border when they achieved grandmaster during this past season. I heard there were some issues with the leader board later in the season. Is this an issue that can be remedied or can it not be fixed given these issues?

  • Can we PLEASE talk about the new VGS ?? I dont know if it's the right place to talk about it but seriously its a HUGE unnecessary change that doesn't help AT ALL and doens't make it easier OR faster to communicate!! All the quick chat options are changed and the only thing that happens is that we lose time trying to find the new command, get frustrated and then just give up! Im not the only one hating it! Everyone I met on PTS hates it !!! PLEASE dont make this change, it will not help ANYONE !!

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