Endorsing and blocking system

  • I think it would be great if you can add an endorsing button on the aftermatch chart that allows a player to endorse others if he/she think that their teammates or people in the opposite team were doing great in the game. ( And maybe add limits on number of time that this player can do that on the same player per day).

    I also hope that you can add an block (or blacklist) button in the game that a person can block (not receive messages or friend requests) someone anytime in game ( like in the main menu, during champion selection or even in a match) I asked this because as far as I know I cannot stop anyone from messaging me (privately) in the game and that would be annoying if someone wanna flood me with spam.

    Thanks a bunch and stay hot like Fernando

  • Endorsement would be nice but also abused by spoiled little Viktor mains to downvote their support for not pocket healing them 24/7. And if a downvote option isn't added then premades will farm rep off eachother to feed their ego or whatever.

    Wouldn't mind a option to block a player or two in casual lobbies though

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    It's something I'd love, but I agree with @OriginalEquinox . It'd be abused. There's too many salty 12 year olds playing for it to be trusted and fair.

    Think how many times you hear Need Healing spam, that gives the idea.

    In a perfect world, this idea would be absolutely perfect.

    Edit: Maybe just a +1 for players, don't need a negative side?

  • I think we don't need a downvote button and as I mentioned, a limit amount of endorsement giving from an account to another per day or amount of endorsement that one account can give out per day may help to avoid the issue.
    Plus, match-matching is random and everyone can be in a team with a bad player. That's a fact and I think everyone needs to overcome the problem having negative teammates since it happens to everyone. Some matches still can be saved, some matches cannot, that is just it and all you can do is play your best and not giving up. You already accept the result no matter what when you hit that finding-match button so just prepare to deal with every situation. All kind of toxic players, AFKers, intentional feeders and rage quitters deserves criticisms because of their bad effects on other players but you don't always meet them and even if you do, trying your best and not giving up then even if you lost the game, you should still be proud of yourself and maybe you will receive endorsements from others for not giving up and fought like a real paladin 🙂

    My idea for endorsement is to make it various and specific like "good teamwork", "life saver", "funny", " good aim", or "friendly player". Each player can only hit +1 for one of those to another player once in a match.

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