my opinion on Furia season 3 change.

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    So I tried PTS and here's my Furia's change opinion, Furia feels bad now to me and here is why: Waiting 4 seconds to heal 1 ally is too much and you must focus and depend on Chronos now to keep up with the rest and it still feels long. The change was really really unnecessary, this killed Cherish again and a whole playstyle and brought Furia to bad spot killing her as healer because of the high cooldown. remember the nerf to her kindle soul 1 year ago where the cooldown increased to 5sec (but got reverted back to 4sec later because the nerf was bad idea and killed Furia that time)? Yup its basically similar thing and history is repeating itself now. I know Solar Blessing exists, but I don't wanna be forced to play Solar Blessing and 1 playstyle only to be viable healer, a talent that makes me vulnerable to everything and food for flanks, or when I don't have a tank, or have one that dodges 80% of the beams. So my feedback is either revert the change or reduce Kindle Soul CD to at least 3sec or 2sec instead of 4sec. But don't force us to play 1 risky talent and playstyle. Also Furia got sad and jealous of her sister having cooldown reduction on her primary heal while she didn't have it

    My other feedback is: how about applying the new Light Forge change on Inner Fire card (generate ammo everytime you heal) since now we get generate ammo every elemination as new change to one of the cards, and we keep the CD reduction on kindle soul card as it is but of course doing some tweaking on the new card. I know one by if you heal and the other elimination, but at the end same purpose, generating ammo. Furia does not have serious ammo issue but Kindle Soul cooldown. Furia Kindle Soul must be priority

    I main Furia since her release and I'm currently level 191 with her. It really upsets me to see things end like that for Furia after all this time. Please show her mercy and don't kill her

  • Well, I guess she has to pay a price for having such an overpowered ultimate and dealing such insane damage.

  • @L1BRA

    Furia tells her allies that you should show them no mercy, now HiRez is showing Furia no mercy...

    On topic...

    I think the nerfs suck. But it is true Furia is a really-really aggressive support. Perhaps they nerfed her so Furia can still be aggressive for her team, at the cost of her being less of a healer.

    I think we'll see double support meta though if you ask me... 😉

  • Light Forge was OP, because it made her heal much more often. Everybody used it on high level. This is why they reworked it. You might noticed that all of the healers got heal nerf, coz cauterize had also been nerfed, what helps you to heal more. Furia's heal nerf was remove her OP heal buffer card and add someting other. I think it was the best thing could be happened, coz this card rework solved two thing: nerfed her heal and replace and OP card.
    You still have the extra heal, the extended range and faced against a weaker Cauterize, so Cherish is still good.
    The new ammo/elim card is just weak, the ammo/heal card gives you the same amount of ammo much more often.
    5 necessary loadout points freed in her loadout, so we already can make more unique loadouts 🙂

    EDIT: I changed the expression "Soul Forge" to "Light Forge". Soul Forge is Seris' similar card, I wrote about it too much, this is why I wrote it now accidentally.

  • @KicsitCsicska Light Forge was always picked becuz cherish was always picked and that loadout card card was hardly used when using a solar blessing build so it was never op+ the cooldown reduction was like 1.25s instead of 2.5s like seris and her previous soul forge card so it was balanced enough. Furia might need a 1s reduction on the cherish talent becuz of how Solar Blessing seems to be infinitely better with the 40% slow buff.
    EDIT: although i think they did it to compensate her aggressiveness it does feel like a big change so i guess we will find out when the patch goes live.

  • Furia is so weak now, they are forcing people to use Solar blessing and exterminate now, cherish is useless, to be honest at this point they may off just got rid off the talent altogether.

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    My opinion is that she's now the worst support in the entire game. Io at least has a niche, and same for Grohk. But Furia has nothing at all going for her whatsoever. She got nerfed insanely hard and is a C tier character just like Ash and Khan are because of it (and of course, they too fell victim to the same idea).

    @NightcoreBeats said in my opinion on Furia season 3 change.:

    Furia is so weak now, they are forcing people to use Solar blessing and exterminate now, cherish is useless, to be honest at this point they may off just got rid off the talent altogether.

    Worse yet, a NERFED version of Solar Blessing that is pretty much useless anyways, because that beam's so slow it won't even get to the intended target in time... As for Exterminate, well, that talent was $#!+ and still is $#!+ so unfortunately Furia players have zero options for any kind of viable build. It ends up being better to switch to a different support, because Furia now is just that bad in the state she's in, in the current PTS.

  • Still saying.
    Beam heals by default.
    Furia can stop the beam manually once cast.
    Been saying it since her release.

    Just this one change would greatly improve her gameplay, no longer forcing other players the need to catch this poor healing minigame as hard as they currently need to.

    It baffles me that they would lower the ranged response time of the beam, it was not that strong, I considerd they made it stronger with less anti cc values to deny the healing and improved the heal value when under caut... but still I would prefer a controllable beam for this as it would amplify Furia's environment control and dive utility. No longer forcing her to hit a target for a standing ray, and providing her with both talents as a passive ability with just stop command.

    Her beam talent should be along the lines of... increasing the area and healing power of beam at the expense of removing the stun, as that would be too much zoning power. In order to have a potential near point sized heal lazer that has its offence capabilities toned back due to the potential team synergy it can provide.

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