How does rank reset work..

  • I just want to clear something up do you get your rank reset after the season ends or can it be reset mid season? We have a month left in ranked and I achieved play 2 (woohoo). Anyway I just remember earlier in paladins season 1 I had my rank reset completely like I had to do my placements again after I got back into paladins again.

    So I just want to make sure if I take a let’s say a week break from paladins ranked will my rank decay/reset.. thanks ahead for the answers!! 🙂

  • @AToxicMuffin the reset in S1 was due to the game officially releasing iirc but unless something unexpected happens it shouldn't reset half way through a season so don't worry, this season will end with the next update and will probably go till next year.

  • PC

    @AToxicMuffin The way it has been you have to do 5 placements every split. Next season the splits will be 4 months so not as many resets. At least this is what I understand from the patch notes.

    If you don't play long enough (I think about 10 days?) you will decay i think 2? TP per day. It's not supposed to decay below Gold V. You won't be reset.for this - only if you're dormant and end up in a new split.

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