Kinessa Needs a Card Like Strix's Roost.

  • I'm just putting it out there.

    Strix got a card like Roost when he can fend for himself much more than a Nessa can. I really enjoy playing Nessa, but cannot find a reason to pick her over Strix...

    Now, when Strix hypercharges the card he needs to defend himself... Why can't Nessa get the same card to quickly charge her ult when her ult can be the reason she survives a flanker, or kills a key target?

    I think it's unfair that Strix got a card like Roost when Nessa do need it more.

    As for which card should be changed...

    Open Season. Even though it's a must have filler, I think it can be a better card if it functions like Strix's roost so...

    "Hitting fully charged shots grant 1/1% Ultimate Charge"


    EDIT: I have not seen or played PTS nessa, though those changes are less self-defense, and more self-sustain instead... But, we'll just see later.

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