Kinessa Isn't The Problem, You Are

  • It's become all too common for players on ranked to blame Kinessa for all of their ills in matches, even when she is playing properly--getting crucial kills, having good positioning against flanks, sniping supports, etc.. The issue isn't Kinessa. Kinessa isn't the problem, you are. Not every Kinessa is a 12 year-old Juan who plays on the North American server, doesn't speak any English, and can't aim; there are competent Kinessa mains. The issue is, ranked players are very quick to tilt an entire game at the very suggestion that someone picks Kinessa over Strix. Newsflash, Kinessa plays completely different compared to Strix; they are not interchangeable. Yes, in a sniper match, Strix is likely to win. Yes, Strix can actually deal with flanks. But here's the thing: Kinessa melts Raum, can delete supports, and has a wider range of characters she can one-shot (if you choose Steady Aim). She can do really well. However, the ranked community is vehemently against her and players will tilt both themselves and the Kinessa purely because they refuse to even give Kinessa mains a chance.

  • Kinessa can also deal with flanks by the way if the player can aim.

  • Not sure how this wasn't redirected to the rant thread but, I'm guessing you just experienced a not so uncommon bit of unnecessary toxicity by someone finding a way to blame you or whoever picked Nessa for the loss of a match, nothing new here unfortunately. Some shit started nagging at me for picking friggin Makoa as a second tank if you can believe that, I was so tilted I kept making mistake after mistake and forgot to use my ult the entire match, best part was the cunt was less than half my level and picked Koga and spent most of his time respawning lol.

    My point is, as long as toxicity goes unpunished, solo queue ranked will be a place people go not to have fun, work together and win, but to get the free loot and leave with as little mental damage as possible. Just take a deep breath, block the shits and move on, assuming you're confident your aim wasn't a actual problem anyway.

  • @schachmaty If you ever face a Skye as a Kinessa in early game before Illuminate 3, then you will know the pain. Nessa can't quickscope, she melts easily and has poor mobility.

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