Season 3 Atlas

  • PC

    In the PTS right now, Atlas is in a decent spot, I will say that. But, only really because of the insanely broken combination of the reworked Phantom Pain card and Deja Vu. That's really the only thing holding him up at this point if we're being honest. His DPS nerf was very impactful and the Resi nerf affects him quite a bit. He seriously needs tweaks, so he isn't either broken or useless. Nerfing Phantom Pain cannot be an answer on its own. What do I suggest? Well:

    • His base Setback needs an AoE. Without Deja Vu, Setback is frankly one of the most difficult abilities to land in the entire game, but also one of the most punishing if you miss. For those reasons, it's actually $#!+ at base (even if Deja makes it broken)... I'm not saying the same size, I mean about half the size of Deja's AoE probably.
    • Deja Vu was a bad idea that needs to be lost to time. Deja Vu is never going to be a balanced talent no matter what's done with it. Maybe make the replacement a talent that makes it so Setback also roots enemies to where they're sent back to? Might be interesting.
    • Temporal Divide needs a rework. Instead I think an interesting idea might be to grant Atlas a second charge of the barrier, while reducing the cooldown to 12 seconds (essentially new Tremor, except on Atlas).
    • As for Unstable Fissure, it needs less burst, but it needs to be more confirmable. Change the 3 second timer to a 1.5 second timer, and nerf the damage from 900 to 600.
    • Nerf Phantom Pain, a little bit. Maybe to .8 seconds per rank instead of 1 second. It's a little too easy to abuse this card as is on PTS, and even without Deja (and instead with a smaller base AoE) it will still be too good.

    Just a few ideas.

  • Interesting,
    I think rework Dejavu is a good idea.