The Magistrate Ain't All Bad Right? And Maybe The Paladins Aren't As Good? [Lore Theory]

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    I have a theory:

    I know Hi-Rez likes to show the Magistrate folks as being (mostly) evil and stuff but honestly, weren't they just trying to protect the Realm's people? They saw the crystals as something dangerous, didn't they? What if they believed themselves, the authority figures in the Realm, to be the only ones who were responsible enough to use them? Sure, they use very forceful and often violent methods of confiscating those crystals; but that does not make them totally evil like the current lore portrays them to be.

    If I were to put the Magistrate and the Paladins in moral alignments, this is what I would write (Thanks, TV Tropes!):

    Magistrate: Lawful Evil. They do evil things to achieve a Lawful goal. They don't see their actions as evil but believe it is for the greater good, or some shit. And I quote:

    "Lawful over Evil — This type uses Evil means to achieve Lawful ends. Essentially, any villain who would consider themselves to be Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good, but who is in practice too ruthless or extreme to qualify. They may honestly believe that an orderly society or way of living is better for everyone or is just the way the prefer things to be, but are ruthless or cruel enough to take an "ends justify the means" approach to enforcing this..."

    Excerpt from:

    Paladins: Chaotic Good. From what I inferred from the lore, they are willing to cause chaos and instability by warring with the Magistrate (they started it, dammit!) and believe that if the Magistrate restricts and/or bans crystal usage, they are being unfair to the free will of the people.

    Honestly, TV Tropes describes the Resistance better than I do:

    "Freedom Is Goodness are those devoted to a Chaotic Good cause — freedom fighters, benevolent anarchists, and anyone who feels that Freedom generally leads to Good, and vice versa. They usually believe Rousseau Was Right, and try to promote a society with as little government as possible, or overthrow a corrupt oppressive regime without getting drawn into the politics behind replacing it with something better."

    Excerpt from:

    So, perhaps the Magistrate is not a completely evil organisation, and maybe the Paladins are not exactly the Lawful Good warriors they are portrayed to be.

    But, iT's JuST a ThEoRy!


    (See what I did there?)

    Thanks for reading!

  • @Memesis if I had to guess I'd say Hirez started to make something of a lore for the game, but as time went on they kept releasing more characters faster than they could be integrated into the existing lore, so they dropped almost everything they built and went the generic black and white, good vs evil route to make it easier to say "X characters are Paladins because they're pure and true while Y characters are bad because they wear red and have edgy voicelines and that's all that matters" lol.

    No point even pretending the game has any lore though because even if they take time to untangle and rearrange everything properly it'll still have zero effect on the game unless there's a story mode someday

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    @OriginalEquinox Well, the fans make up better lore than the devs themselves at this point. But if EM tries to tie up everything someday, it'll probably be too hard to do so since God knows how many characters they'll have by then lmao

  • @Memesis It's basically second amendment arguments in America. Gun control advocates believe some guns, like crystals, are too dangerous for civilian possession while gun rights advocates believe individuals should have the freedom to determine for themselves what's best for them. Basically, the Resistance are conservatives and the Magistrate are liberals.
    I like how you define liberals as lawful evil and conservatives as chaotic good. That's pretty much my assessment as well.
    I'm a conservative, but Vivian could probably change my mind. : P

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