A Tigron’s Tale - PTS Update #1

  • Why not nerf dog'S base health (Bulldozer was nerfed so the dog needs to be nerfed too.

  • Thx those are good changement, but pls up support like grover seris they are useless now. And pls I beg you bring back or make an option to make us able to use the old VGS, with the new one we can't say what we really what and it's so frustrating

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    @ShadowConfessor said in A Tigron’s Tale - PTS Update #1:

    Nothing new. Every support is facing the same issue. However she hasn't even got hit as hard as others. Grover, Io and Seris were the ones getting the huge hit.

    That doesn't make sense, if you read the nerfs she got, but for someone who calls it a non issue while practically everyone who plays supports or has gameplay experience with them, including top tier play, disagrees. Read up reddit, read up what the community is saying on DC. You obviously did not watch JayFlares video about supports, and, specifically Furia, either.

    Other supports were hit hard as well, too hard as a matter of fact. And Grover needs big adjustments to be a viable support option again, not only Furia. But that does not change the fact that she is still worse on PTS than on live, or was overnerfed in the first place with the beam and CD and heal nerf, not to mention previous nerfs, which you ignore.

    That nerf is negligible. You barely notice it. The most important part of her heal is the 1k burst upfront.
    VS Caut who is now cheaper and lasts longer? Are you even serious at this point. Its not an issue at all.

    I wouldn't call it massive. It's only massive when you're in coordination with someone. It will feel better on solo queue than pro play.

    I am sure more and more that you do not really play her, and base your claims on anecdotes. She is barely playable if at all with SB, with the huge nerf on speed of the beam, and you ignore again how important it is for both self defense and healing.

    If you think she's underpowered because Solar Blessing gets "nerfed massively", then idk what to say. Cherish is her most viable/dominant playstyle and with the -1s getting into her base kit, I'm afraid this ain't going to change.

    I don't know what to say, if you think one viable talent is enough for a champion with three other Legs available, with other two being unviable and weak, then we do really have different ideas about balance. I don't think that ignoring whole champion kit's drawbacks is a good idea, like you do here.

    You compare increasing speed for an offensive talent with decreasing speed with a healing talent. The speed increase for Exterminate would affect more negatively the experience of the enemies, than the speed decrease will do for Solar Blessing for allies' experience (if it would affect it negatively at all). Again I have to say this change is aimed more for the solo playstyle with little coordination. Going Solar Blessing, always had the disadvantage for Furia's defence, because you won't be having Pyre Strike to defend yourself if you already used it for healing an ally (or tried to do so at least).

    There are two major disadvantages to a high risk high reward ability. And they were uncalled for and are not needed - evrryone who actually plays supports as their mains says that, but you don't read other players feedback or the statistic as well, showing her winrate being much lower than a whole bunch of other champions, SB being subpar and Exterminate having miniscule picks with a negative winrate.

    I started no rankshaming. You just threw out of nowhere "we're not in the same level of experience". And I have to say that in my games (high Diamond / Master) she is a top tier support.

    You apparently don't play her or play her sometimes as Cherish only, if ever, that's all what you base your claims on. What Furia level are you and how much did you play her? That is what I meant by experience. I never mentioned your rank, or wanted to know it, as rankshaming is a bad way to base your claims on. And I played on high Diamond vs and with Masters/Grandmasters myself, for your information, when you started to pull rankshaming calling me gold as means of "argument".

    That's 100% positioning issue of each player, not the champion's fault/flaw in design.

    This is 100% wrong. With such logic, no champion ever should be adjusted or balanced. Willo would have never received her substantial mobility buff, like that. No mobility buffs or other buffs for champions who lack it.
    You claiming Furia doesn't have the drawback of being slow, and having no meaningful escape, contradicts the experience of actual support players, including myself.

    The majority of players pick Cherish because it's more reliable. In higher MMR, Solar Blessing is considered troll, but not as much as Exterminate. So yeah, I'll now agree with

    And some patches ago Cherish was called a troll pick, compared to SB, which was her only viable talent. But I don't know if you played back then, cause you don't know it. The balance changes, but better balance is the goal, not worse.

    Furia is, since Cherish is barely affected after the added CDR to her kit, but I'm pretty sure she is and will remain viable with that talent. They are experimenting with Solar Blessing to make it more player friendly so that Cherish isn't her only way to go

    Solar Blessing was much better the way it was before, there is no way around it. Two different speeds is not the way to implement it, as the devs said before. Because of an already big drawback on SB of healing tied utility and its being too slow to be viable.

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    @EvilMojoSrixis said in A Tigron’s Tale - PTS Update #1:

    • Barik
      - Fixed an issue where the One Man’s Scrap card would activate if Barik destroyed his own Turret by placing a third Turret on the map.
    • Khan
      - Fixed an issue where the Shield Wall card was giving the incorrect increased Shield Health card per rank.
    • Mal'Damba
      - Fixed an issue where the second of two Gourds placed on top of the first Gourd to heal the same teammate would not have any effect on that teammate.
    • Pip
      - Fixed an issue where Weapon Shots would heal for 750 instead of 700 with the Combat Medic Talent equipped.
      - Fixed a description error with Pip’s Acrobat’s Trick card.
    • Seris
      - [Live] Fixed an issue where Convergence could pull enemies through the map and kill them on Frog Isle.
      - Fixed an issue with Seris' Restore Soul ability still healing the initial target for 2000 health over 1.5s.
    • Tiberius
      - Fixed an issue where Tiberius' Honed Senses card would grant him Ultimate Charge when using Combat Trance in the Spawn Room before Round Start.
    • Viktor
      > - Fixed an issue where the Guerrilla Warfare card did not function properly.

    Champion Balance


    • Siege Shield
      - Increased shield health 3,500 → 4,250


    • Barricade
      - Increased shield health 3,000 → 3,750
    • Field Deploy
      - Reduced healing {60|60} → {30|30}


    • Shield
      - Increased shield health 5,000 → 5,500


    • Kindle Soul
      - Reduced cooldown 4s → 3s


    • Bulwark
      ** - Increased shield health 3,000* → 4250**


    • Shell Shield
      - Increase shield health 3,000 → 3,750
    • Dredge Anchor
      - Increased cooldown 12s → 15s


    • Blade Dance (Striking Tigron)
      - Reduced damage per dash 750 → 650
      - Increased post-fire timer 0.4s → 0.7s
    • Thank you for unbreaking that card. Seriously, it was SO busted to have all of Barik's abilities on an extremely low cooldown. As a Barik main, yay.
    • Hope that means a low-key buff for Khan?
    • No, no, no... Damba's going to be REALLY broken now... Already was with that bug in the PTS, but now... You just made a SSS character.
    • I didn't even notice the first bug with PTS Pip, but the second one... Very grateful for that fix.
    • I literally laughed at the first Seris bug, You could actually do that? 🤣 Second one, that was definitely needed. Seris heals in PTS were actually a little too good.
    • Schemes in Cardio
    • I'll just do one on all the shield changes. Does this mean you'll buff Wrecker in the future? Also, in Khan's case, it might actually be a decent buff for him.
    • Yay Field Deploy works now and it doesn't have absurd numbers. They still seem a little bit good, have to test it out on PTS.
    • Furia DEFINITELY needed that buff. But is it enough? Maybe, for a Cherish build to sort of function at least. Solar Blessing is still extremely bad.
    • That unexpected massive hook nerf. Well, rejoice because Koa might actually SUCK now for the first time in the history of the GAME. 😄 Yeah, how does it feel to be low tier, turtle? Like how it felt to play Barik after the OB50 some Archi nerf, huh (but honestly, he wasn't even that bad then, I could STILL style on people, so)?
    • Tiberius ult was WAY too strong the way it was in PTS, so that was definitely needed.

    Also, please do something about the VGS change. It's awful. EDIT: They did, but it's still not quite enough.

  • Can we PLEASE talk about the new VGS ?? Seriously its a HUGE unnecessary change that doesn't help AT ALL and doens't make it easier OR faster to communicate!! All the quick chat options are changed and the only thing that happens is that we lose time trying to find the new command, get frustrated and then just give up! Im not the only one hating it! Everyone I met on PTS hates it !!! PLEASE dont make this change, it will not help ANYONE !!

  • @EvilMojoSrixis
    please go back to the old vgs system

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    Already found a new bug.

    It's possible to get stuck in VGS. It happened to me while in the Firing Range.

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    @Dusklicious said in A Tigron’s Tale - PTS Update #1:

    I literally laughed at the first Seris bug, You could actually do that? 🤣

    No comment

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    Tiberius is missing his own "Credits Reminder" voice line. Instead it used Torvald's "So many credits, what should I buy" in Torvald's voice.

  • OH so Seris healing output... was a bug ;-; I wonder if it will feel trash now.
    It seems to heal 150 every 0.15s , which is 1000/sec, so I still don't understand how she is supposed to heal 1400 over 1.5s.

    More Imani F buffs? Wasn't it already good? Jesus

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sorry to ask, will things like voice packs and Seris be refunded to those who bought them, otherwise that's a couple hundred gold or gems down the drain.

  • why buff shields so much? with wrecker becoming obsolete there is no reason to. wrecker should be buffed to 90% or 120% at max not 60%. meanwhile supports feel so bad to play. caut got a minor nerf but you can get it faster. also with rejuv nerfed (which is a mandatory item for tanks) caut gets down to the same 60% as before, but healers have been nerfed themselves and they feel very bad and caut got a buff from 1.5 sec to 2 sec duration (which in my opinion is a stupid change). so in the end healing a tank feels worse because your healing is lower, max caut plus max rejuv adds up to the same amount as before and caut duration is longer. all and all caut got a buff while wrecker got a massive nerf. tanks are now op while supports are so so weak.

  • @ShadowConfessor I agree with points you make, but i just want to mention that a pro players by the name of Vex30 made a video on solar blessing vs cherish argument. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20bBfa88GiY tho this was made a while before the pts it still stands

  • They finally fixed Imani's annoying quest bug. Hope they will fix Evie's blink bug too.

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    @Sorin32 shields are felling good now. And it's already said that healers will be touched next week.

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    Funny PTS bug:


    Tiberius is running Tremors apparently.

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    What happened to Tigron's Fury Talent? Vanished from the PTS.

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    @DaddyOoker said in A Tigron’s Tale - PTS Update #1:

    What happened to Tigron's Fury Talent? Vanished from the PTS.

    I think they may have broken it, maybe. For now I just use Predatory Instincts when I very rarely get to play Tib (because Vicious Assault is easily his worst talent).

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