Using This Subforum

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    Hello Champions! 👋 This is a rundown of the most important things to keep in mind when using the Miscellaneous Feedback subforum.

    This subforum allows for users to give feedback on parts of the game that don't really fall into either gameplay or balance. From feedback on a user-interface, chat, chests, gamemodes, and more, you can use this subforum to give your feedback!

    Allowed Topics
    We allow feedback regarding anything that isn't related to gameplay or balance. Share about the topics mentioned above or anything in between!
    Just consider before posting:

    • Is it gameplay related?
      • Does it have something to do with the gameplay of the game (matchmaking, hitboxes, a new function, etc.)?
    • Is it balance related?
      • Does it have something to do with balance of the game (champions, items, cards, etc.)?

    If you have confirmed that it doesn't, and it is indeed feedback, then you can go ahead and make a post here.

    This subforum has no pinned posts (excluding this one).

    Every game can be improved on, and Paladins is no exception! If you want to make a suggestion or give feedback regarding something not gameplay or balance related, this subforum is the one for you to use. Your constructive feedback is always appreciated in The Realm! 🙂

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