Make Torvald great again !

  • [Update 15th of December]

    I was very disappointed by the changes for the S3. I find Torvald S3 is worse than Torvald S2. Torvald remains as weak as before and now he can spam Protection which is very frustrating when you play against him.


    • Increase base Health 3000 -> 3500
    • Increase Movement Speed 355 -> 365


    I think a graph is more explicit, we can see currently Torvald deals 180 at 75 units and 60 at 150 units, his damages are divided by 3 for a range x2.
    The new Gauntlet will reach 640 DPS (before 720 DPS).




    It's the abilitie that make Torvald frustrating cause he give a big advantage to his ally or can safe an ally very easily.

    • Decrease the duration 4s -> 3s
    • Increase Shield Health 1000 -> 1500 (1400)
    • Increase Cooldown 6s -> 10s (11s)


    Torvald has a Shield of 2000HP while other Tank have a Shield of 4000HP or more. Admittedly we can use Recharge after losing the shield which make like we have a shield of 4000HP but 14s of cooldown is too much. Vital Grasp has been rework so I decided to increase the Shield generation.

    • Reduce Cooldown 14s -> 13s
    • Increase Shield generation 2200 -> 2400
    • Increase Max duration 1s -> 1.5s


    Thanks, Grandpa

    Now the only way for Torvald to reduce the cooldown of Protection is with Chronos.

    • Increase Protection’s Shield Health 500 -> 600
    • Increase Protection's duration 3s -> 4s
    • Remove malus at the activation (for the ally)

    Field Study -> Magnetic Armor

    NEW : Your passive Shield become an Armor of 1000HP and you are immune CC during Recharge.
    (have 50% damage reduction during Recharge.).

    I think it's better for Torvald to rework this talent.
    The armor cannot be counter by an items and can be refill by Recharge.


    Conduction [Recharge]

    • Increase cooldown reduction {0.4|0.4}s -> {0.6|0.6}s

    Lifegiver [Protection]

    • Heal your Protection target for {75|75} -> {100|100}

    Time Shaper [Protection]

    • Grant {2|2} -> {3|3} Ammo to your Protection target

    Hope you enjoy, let me know your opinion about this !

  • @Pi3rre07 cool but still 11sec for Q is way too much all he needs is his talent for F back reworked or buffed in some way to make him tanky.

  • So with Protection....
    The potential dynamic of consistantly keeping an ally under shield CD is needed as a gameplay feature, ramping the protection cd to more then twice its active duration is just a nerf nuke when fernando has an 8s shield now...

    Its just the values and the feel of the allies personal shield that needs adjusting. As of now the shield gets busted easier without items as well as its application is less spamable. Overall, it got a nerf... and torvald still has no worthy talents.

    However I would like to see personal shields work to prevent further application of cauterise once active the same way that deployable shields work to deny cauterise.
    I would also like to see Torvald's Personal Shield and Ally Shield have some passive 80 - 120 Shield HP Regeneration per second, with the Regeneration being amped with Thanks Grandpa.
    A format of passive shield regeneration top of Torvs 2000 Shield HP and a 1200 Shield HP for allies would make wrecker a needed option for snipers shots to punture shields and get a percent of their damage through, instead of it always busting a shield and dealing damage.
    However the ally shield should work with allies to grant Torvald Eliminations and with Elim CDR this should reset his Protection. Thus building the requirement for Tovald and Friends to perform well in order to out tank the enemy.

    Having a personal shield that constantly regenerates passively while active is the missing element to Torvald

    Recharge... The excuse for an ability. Prepare for a rant.
    After having its teeth kicked in with nerfs to its bs self sustain and escape under pressure, its no longer able to be built as a bowling bowl as hard. Its not the best shield unless you have to deal with Fern and Ash, the worst in dealing with shields and need buffs to deal with them... If torv had personal passive shield recharge and used elims or casting protection to initiate his shield regen, then recharge can change into granting himself and allies temporary CC immunity (To deal with his bs weakness against CC), or amped self and nearby ally speed while nearby slowing enemies in front of you with his old gauntlet drain animation or something.
    Something to give torvald some area ally pocket or staying power.
    Idk... if you were immune to caut application while personal shields were active, Torvald would have some godly staying power in no mans land and enemy sidelines, combined with passive shield regeneration a few ways to try and reset shield it through cards and tactful healing.

    Nullify as a talent could work to chain between foes within close quarters of target as a form of area lockdown from a crossfire angle in order to stall positions like the objective and chokes, working as a format to punish dependence on close quarters pocket synergy rather then stay as single target lockdown that is not as strong as jenos'.

  • No one else have some idea ?

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