Dredge and TDM map dragon arena

  • Hello, My game ID is SpectreHeux and I want to discuss about a serious issue. Has anyone played against or with dredge on the TDM map dragon arena? As we know as per rules, in a TDM match, the players are not allowed to move during the 15 second LC card and loadout choosing phase. However we are allowed to shoot our weapons. Now on Dragon Arena, there is a tower right in front of us at the start of the match where an ult generator is spawned from time to time. That tower has an open top. If you choose dredge and shoot broadside barrels through that open top, it can reach the enemy spawn area and kill them. I have seen dredges getting upto 8 kills before even the match begins, making the score 8-0 even before the match begins. And since no one can move during this phase, everyone is a sitting duck as the dredge shoots away at their faces. I have reported this huge game-breaking mistake multiple times only to never get a response. Please do tell me why dredge is allowed to kill even before the match begins? Or why is it the characters are activated before the start of the match?


    Please refer to the video link to see exactly what I mean.

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    This is a known bug. However, these kills do not count towards the result (you can see it in the video)

  • @U1342403721 Think they're disabling firing during the prep phase again as it used to be, sucks that the trash abusing this bug will go unpunished like most other offenders do in this game

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