Unkarr, the Dwarven Gunner (Joke concept)

  • This champion is literally an adaptation of a playable character from another game I really like – Deep Rock Galactic. I thought it would fit nicely in Paladins. So, there’s the concept

    Unkarr the Gunner

    Lore: Unkarr shouldn’t drank ten shots of Wormhole special at once for sure. Not he only expectedly passed out drunk, he also was blipped way further than usual. Oh, that booze magic.
    He woke up in a strange place. Definitely it wasn’t neither Hoxxes, nor the space rig. Quick inspection of the location let Unkarr define it as a planet of an unknown type. He contacted mission control with location rectification request. Disappointment hit the dwarf, when he saw the results. He was deep into some unexplored space region. No drop pod could safely take him out of here. However, resupply pods still were able to reach the planet, since they should take only one-way travel, and management gave the unlucky dwarf a new task to do: investigate the planet, identify its resources, value, danger level and inhabitants.
    During his researches Unkarr found out several interesting things: there were familiar races on the planet: fellow dwarves and pointy-eared leaf lovers elves. But there were even more unfamiliar creatures like walking trees, sentient lizards, and strange tall creatures, something right between dwarves and elves, who called themselves “humans”, lots of them! (At least no bugs out there... wait, here comes Terminus!) Also there was some kind of a conflict between two companies: “The Paladins” and “The Magistrate”. While Unkarr never learned, what they were producing, he noticed, that they can use some mercenaries and that they pay in gold. And Unkarr never refuse some gold given.

    Race - The Dwarf!!!
    Role - Front line
    Health - 4500
    Move speed - 365

    [LMB] Heavy autocannon – great heavy weapon, that fires explosive pellets. Deals 25 damage on direct hit and 125 damage in small area explosion. While it fires, it increases self rate of fire from 0.5s per shot up to 0.2s per shot. It has 110 ammo and 2.5s reload time. You are slowed by 50% while firing.

    [RMB] Dwarven rage - you smash your pickaxe with great force, dealing 800 damage and pushing all enemies within 40ft around hit point back. Hit point is about 10ft infront of you. Has 10s CD.

    [Q] Cluster grenade – Your favorite impact grenade, that deals 400 damage in mediocre area and spawns 6 pellets, that spreads in large radius and explode upon impact for 200 damage each. Has 12s CD.

    [F] Portable shield – RnD did great, inventing this shield generator, that creates a dome shield around it. You can throw it for up to 50ft far. Shield has 3000 health and lasts for 6s. Has 14s CD.

    [Ultimate] Resupply pod – summons a pod from your trusty company. It arrives onto selected point, that is visible for both teams, after 3.5s, dealing deadly damage to anyone beneath it (10ft radius). It remains active for 15s after that, every second healing all allies within 50ft around for 750 health and loading 20% of their ammo missing right into their clips. Keep fighting, team! Resupply pod can block enemy attacks with its model, but cannot be destroyed.
    Marker up!/I ordered a resupply!

    Feedback loop - your Heavy autocannon gives you 20% damage reduction while at full rate of fire.
    For Karl! - enemies hit by Dwarven rage take 20% more damage from your Heavy autocannon
    Nitra source - your ultimate charges 60% faster