I'm still missing HRX event skins and support won't answer any tickets

  • Hey, i sent the following message to Hirez support through their support ticket, i'll remove certain information though. I made sure to follow all the rules. The following is my support ticket which still hasn't had a reply in 10 days

    Hi, i participated in the HRX promotion via twitch. It was stated that if you linked an account and watched the HRX stream on either twitch or mixer for three hours i would receive in game cosmetics for smite and Paladins. It has been exactly 3 weeks since the end of HRX and i still haven't revived any of the promoted content. I can confirm i watched the streams for more than the required time, and the data should support that. I participated in the event through twitch account *********
    I believe the following information will be helpful to you;
    My Hirez account user name is ********, my customer ID listed on the account management of your website is ************** and i play on Nintendo switch, where my user name is *********. My in-game Paladins Player ID is *********
    If you need any more information to resolve the issue please let me know and i will be happy to provide you with it. Thank-you for your assistance and I hope you have a nice day

    I waited a week and had no response so i decided to reply and ask if the content will be added in a hot fix, but no response. I sent another email yesterday and i'm waiting for a response on that one. Is there anything else i can do or will i just not get the promoted cosmetics? Should i shorten my support ticket or something? What do you think i should do? Thankyou for your help!

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