List Your Evie Grievances

  • We all have our grievances involving the glitches, oversights, and crippling flaws of various champions. Let's talk about Evie's. I'll start us off.

    • Blink delay - Evie has a set delay on blink which, in tandem with server lag, cripples her--as you can try to blink away, but be killed mid-blink from where you cast it.

    • Ice block delay - Evie also has a set delay on ice block, which in tandem with server lag allows her to be killed mid-ice block. There also seems to be a timeframe after ice block in which you can't use blink.

    • Ice block's cards - Ice block is generally bad, as it locks Evie in place--causing the enemy team to swarm around her like vultures and spam against it until she dies. And because of cauterize, her healing card for ice block is kind of useless.

    • Weapon shots - Evie's weapon shots have a terribly slow projectile speed, forcing her to be practically touching her enemies to hit with them--and by jumping the enemies can make her weapon shots a nightmare to hit.

    • Health - Evie has a terrible healthpool of only 1800, which--even with her new cards in the PTS--makes her drastically underwhelming considering her dmg is inconsistent and her mobility is buggy.

    • Over the Moon - Evie really should just have Over the Moon as part of her kit, as it is a lack luster talent that is overshadowed by wormhole.

    • Her volume - Evie is l o u d for a flank; aren't flanks supposed to be relatively hard to hear so that they can, ya know, flank?

    A suggested improvement: give Evie a card or talent similar to Moji's Barrier. Make it so that shooting Evie's iceblock (Enemy Fire of course) would give her a significant dmg boost on her next weapon shot. That way, enemies can't just spam against ice block knowing Evie will die upon exiting it.

  • Blink delay sucks, that's true. Ice Block delay is good because it punishes the wrong use of it. You shouldn't stay in Ice Block for 3 seconds (as long as you don't have to contest a payload push or somehow prolong overtime, or you hope for your support to top you off). Ice Block needs to be used in the right moment to block high incoming burst damage. Ice Block in itself is a great ability, greatly improving her sustain if used correctly. Her weapon shots are projectiles, but they have no dmg falloff and long range so you have good poke. Imagine making Evie 850 damage hitscan, that would be fucking insane. Just learn how to aim with it. I think the projectile weapon is more than fine. 1800 health is the price she has to pay for having so much sustain and mobility, she needs to have some kind of weakness, so she is vulnerable to burst, which is more than justified. No reason what so ever to put OTM into the base kit, she is literally one of the best characters in the game, constant pick in the meta. And when it comes to the volume, tell that Koga, his footsteps are sooo fricking loud, it's just ridiculous.

  • Evie is the weakest and the most skill required flanker in the game. Compared to other flankers she comes short at everything but mobility. She got nerfed more than any other champion in the game. Now player has to tear his ass into million pieces to get a kill with Evie while other braindead flankers can get kills by just going pew pew.

    -Blink delay absolutely need to be removed. It causes that bug Hi-Rez cant fix apperantly.
    -Ice Block really needs work. It is not fun to die in Ice Block. Compared to "Magic Barrier" Ice Block sucks to the max. M.Barrier does everything Ice block can do but with no drawbacks. Also people dont shoot Magic Barrier cuz they will be get punished for it. But ice block is free. Andro just keep fisting ice block and get rewarded with a free kill for his noobness. Ice Block should mirror damage to prevent such things.
    -Projectile speed is only becomes a problem against flyers. Other than that Evie can get close to her targets easily with her high mobility. At close range projectile speed is not a big deal.
    -She has lowest HP cuz she has highest mobility in the game. She uses her mobility to stay alive. And no she doesnt have a high sustain. Her sustain nerfed to the ground aswell. Flicker was nerfed to 50/50. Which gonna make her weaker talents even more weaker. "Frigid Field" is just a joke. Need to stay inside block for 3 secs. Giving time to your enemies to get a free kill.
    -Over the Moon is just a joke. You either have to play Kamikaze or intercept running enemies. It should be reverted back. Or replaced with new talent
    Reduce max ammo by half
    Every hit adds %20 permanent bonus damage. Up to %40.
    Reloading and dieing resets bonus.
    This talent will increase Evie's dps to 1020. So nothing crazy. (Andro has 1444/2166 dps) Also will makes reload cards very usefull. And it will reward good aiming.
    -About voices. They made all flankers more loud so noobs can tunnel vision to their hearts content. It needs to be reverted back.

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