Grover/Healers in Generals

  • I do not play on the pts but I did see lots of healing nerfs were being introduced and cauterize does not help.

    Grover has always been that not point healer but close to team healer. With all the nerfs and stuff that is happening to healers specifically Grover with his blossom getting nerfed is definitely not helping. Sure they added a card where you get your blossom off 4 sec sooner (4 points added) to his cripple throw but that’s not enough.

    On live Grover is still pretty trash considering all of the other healer outputs aka furia, seris, and Domba. He was a heal that you need to be in close proximity to even hit and even with that range cards on blossom it’s still trash when not going his blossom legendary which they nerfed on the pts aswell.

    In general the dps have not been touched really by anything. I as a healer/tank take this super heavy and won’t know what to play besides seris, and Inara when the patch is live... yes I also know they are making changes everyday like shalin’s silence nerf already but I just want the game to be fun for every character and not just so heal bot trash can gameplay. Like seriously who tf wants to be like heal, heal, heal heal no damage done?? Killing gets your blood pumping and you want more so we should get that feeling playing any character.

    I know every character has their of strengths/ weaknesses but unless you are fine with just pressing 1 button the entire game it’s not fun. The only healer I have fun on is ying tbh with her mirror legendary card it’s amazing I can be a healer and do good damage output!! :0

  • I don'T know what you're talking about. On live Grover is pretty good right now, not as good as Furia or Io but still really solid. Just play him on maps where he feels comfortable like Brightmarsh, or Stone Keep for instance. Seris is weaker than Grover cuz Caut is a thing. Damba is solid but gets hard countered by Resil. Obviously Grover doesn't have high healing output BUT he can heal all his allies at the same time which is kinda the point of Grover. Apart from that he has solid damage output and good self-sustain.

  • I'm confused, did i grind 50 levels of Grover just in time for him to become useless or not?

  • @Super-Kami He's still good I think. Cauterize just was way too cheap, you could get level 3 in 3 minutes. He's still getting buffs in PTS updates so he's gonna be fine.

  • Grover...
    Just give him ferocity or amplify his base damage in his kit to compensate for the heal and HP reductions he has received.
    Grover just does not feel the same all rounder anymore.
    His party heal synergy finaly works, but he lost his base damage, and with the nerfs to hostile item values...
    Grover is going to suck vs deployables and deployable shields in the next season. He needs damage or his damage scaling to work with hostile items now their values are reduced. Otherwise all grover can do is heal, buff ally speed that needs to effect himself, and provide a feeble lockdown you need perfect execution to pull off...

    His base cripple needs to be amped to from 1s to 1.5s in order to be a worthy lockdown effect compared to the effects of other lockdowns.

    With these changes to base kit. Grover will become a support with as much hostile utility as furia and mal without it being too much to deal with given his survivability.

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