Kinessa Talent Diversity

  • Kinessa has been my main for pretty much 3 years now on paladins. I've seen her change get buffed and nerfed. After the removal of 4th talents along with Kinessa's suppression (regrettably), Kinessa has lost most diversity in her playstyle with only one really viable talent.
    When you boil it down:

    1. Kinessa's Steady aim and Eagle eye are similar talents and essentially do the same thing which is increase the dps on her main fire
    2. Kinessa only really has 1 viable playstyle which is snipe and sometimes port
    3. Reposition while nice (and fun) is only used cause her base teleport is slow and beam me up is often mandatory when not using it.
    4. Kinessa's has 4 mine cards which are used only as filler in some random builds or in most cases, not at all
    5. Kinessa's mines which are supposed to be an actual ability for her are not that useful in combat and most meta or smart flankers will pick them off easily. (The sound also can be quiet in comparison to all the other noise).

    Also the pts update to her mines doesn't fix their problems and encourages spamming mines. On another note she still has cards like Lie in wait which requires you to stand still in this fast-paced game. (not mentioning blasters or any ability with slight knockback cancels it) In the time it takes to actually activate this card Kinessa can just reload.

    Kinessa has a good amount of dps in the right hands but she does not have the same diversity in loadouts or cards as other champions in the game. I personally think suppression needs to be added back to the game in some other form or just in general for Kinessa to have a talent that effectively changes her playstyle a bit. Strix is allowed to have an overclocked pistol, a flare, and a much faster ult as well as talents that change his playstyle. Why can't Kinessa simply have a diverse set of talents and mines that people actually have to worry about a bit cause right now a mine loadout is just a meme.

    (note: maybe give her mines their slow back (non-stackable) or even a talent that causes them to explode and do low amounts of damage with a slightly increased cooldown).

  • Ok, aside from carbine needing a max recoil reduction general buff as its fire rate is not so fast to warrent that inaccuracy.

    Reposition... idk...its not all that game changing, its just defence to make up for a limitation, not a playstyle to revolve around. Translocator should be treated like seris shadow travel activation time reduction, with a card that reduces the time value alone, not allowing a talent to reduce the value of a card totally rendering it conter intuitive.
    Making it game changing talent would not be easy, but I would say making it like wormhole for crossfire ranged potential and aggression would be interesting. But this is throwing balence out the window a bit.

    As for mines....
    This ability is far too legacy in the current state of things.. its primitive... with the heart and soul removed and nothing to replace it with.
    Oppressor mines fuction is not clear to new users, just explaining to people that the tickle mines are meant to combo with your lethal damage vs low HP targets as well as provide general reveal though damage while not stating a reveal effect is pretty jank... but it holds up quite well today due its utility, but there really is nothing oppressive about oppessor mines.
    All they do is what.. like 100 over a sec.... with 100 HP....
    Why not do something similar to Grohks staff dps and slowly ramp the single target direct damage up to 150/sec over something like 1.5s of sustained exposure.
    Make a mine talent that applies burn damage after 1.5s exposure to any mine and allow it to continiously burn the target for an additional 100/sec for 2s after they leave the oppressor beam range for a sort of reveal buff, that aids as a mechanic to counter out of combat healing (something that opressor mine does not do).
    Look oppressor mines need to give some feeling of oppression.

    Most of her mine cards are filler...
    Octopressor can target up to 6 targets in a 5v5 game... but not deployables.... sane people explain this wtf....
    Make it target more enemies if it no longer applies a slow...
    Maybe allow it to chain link between enemy champion targets line of sight to bend some supression damage and DoT reveal around terrain for crossfire positioning.
    Give Kinessa something to profit off mines being destroied, HP regeneration (to combat maelstrom) transporter CD reduction, for getaway without carbine if they destroy your "watch your flank access" Mine.
    Make the mines slightly bulkier like 250HP or 350HP

    I actually love the idea of her getting small buffs when her mines are destroyed it would be a pretty easy way to make her mine cards useful without overbuffing her and it would be pretty neat maybe make her mines target 2 or 3 people at base and give her mines a health card, and a heal card upon destruction like you said. even a card that lowers teleporter cooldown upon destruction would be nice
    or an ult charge card upon destruction so your enemies can take out her mines at the penalty of giving her a small amount of ult charge.

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