Imani Kit do not need that changes.

  • Imani kit was ok, even considering thtat she has a big problem whit her talents; I can understand that the glide changes will give her more mobility, and is considered a buff, but the frost bomb changes, and the draconic will nerf will hit her too hard.

    I Played her alot in pts and here are my Feedback about her.

    [Frost Bomb}
    Lets start about the 1.5 snare for a character who has to hold to optmize dmg on fire stance and on ice stance do less dmg then the overral dmg characters, that is not something to be nerfed, even more if we considere that there is no card that can make that snare time go up, ok u guys will made the frost bomb projctile speed go up, another not need change, that will make easy only to players who dont understand her playstile, her snare should be keep at 1.5 or go up, and the projectile speed should stay at 40, keeping the frost bomb a skill who had to be seted up more carefuly, who is amazing on zoning enemys even if they don`t get snared, even whit the nerf on the permafrost card the speed can be keeped at 40 if the snare keep 1.5 or go a lt bit up.

    [Draconic Will]
    The idea about using Draconic Will is to compensate the dificult around switch stance, switch stance has a slow animation and is properly used in especific situations, draconic will compensate that making possible after u deal whit that situation u have less cd going back to u primary stance, even making possible some agressive plays whit is realy hard whit imani.

    Final consideration / tl;dr

    The nerfs on Draconic Will and the changes on Frost Bomb, make Imani a back line static dmg who cant play agressive, and who even whit the Frostfire Glide buff cant be mobile, u guys changed the mid air inacurracy who was not a problem, nerfed (changed) the Frost Bomb, and the Draconic Will making her a mana rift only talent static MEH dps.

    Sry about the english mistakes and thanks for the amazing efort to bring a brand new seson to us.