A Tigron's Tale - PTS Update #4

  • Evil Mojo

    As our Public Test Servers are playable our Dev team will be deploying updates to them as we fix bugs and make changes in this cycle. We will be updating you on the official Paladin’s forums and on Reddit with these as they come in.

    Here is what you can expect in our latest update in terms of bug fixes and balance:

    #anchor(Bug Fixes)

    Champion-Specific Bug Fixes

    • Androxus
      • Fixed an issue where the Featherweight card did not function.
    • Barik
      • Updated the text on the Double-Time card to read less ambiguously.
    • Drogoz
      • [Live] Fixed an issue where granting Drogoz ammo from another source while firing Salvo would cause him to fire up to 5 additional Salvo shots.
    • Skye
      • Fixed an issue where Skye’s stealth audio was too loud for allies.
    • Willo
      • Fixed a description error with the Blastflower Talent.
      • Fixed an issue where the Weapon Shot damage scaling with the Blastflower Talent was greater than intended.

    General Bug Fixes

    • Updated the Credits page! Added more Former Champions and filled out other sections to include more people who have helped make Paladins what it is today 🙂
    • Fixed an issue where the Notifications window could get stuck and would be unable to be closed in the End-of-Match Lobby if the Player left the VGS window open until the end of Top Play.
    • Fixed an issue where the Battle Pass Level-Up window could get stuck and would be unable to be closed in the End-of-Match Lobby if the Player left the VGS window open until the end of Top Play.



    • Cauterize
      • Reduced duration 2s -> 1.5s
      • Increased Price Scaling 250 -> 300


    • One Man’s Scrap (Card)
      • Reduced cooldown reduction scaling 10%|10% -> 6%|6%


    • Blossom
      • Increased Healing 750 -> 800


    • Solar Blessing (Talent)
      • Reduced Pyre Strike slow 40% -> 30%


    • Shadow Travel
      • Reduced post-fire lockout 0.5s -> 0.3s


    • Smolder (Talent)
      • Reduced Healing per second 33% -> 25%

  • OMG, this is great!!! 😇 😇 😎

  • PC

    @EvilMojoSrixis said in A Tigron's Tale - PTS Update #4:

    Fixed an issue where the Battle Pass Level-Up window could get stuck and would be unable to be closed in the End-of-Match Lobby if the Player left the VGS window open until the end of Top Play.

    Appreciate this one - It got me on a recorded match but I didn't know how to reproduce it 🙂

    • Just tried it again on this patch. Imani's first two default loadouts still have the wrong points. I'm not able to correct them either.

    • Training Siege still has 400 starting credits.

    • Lian's animation in the champion select screen and POTG: When she receives the rifle she gets substantially shorter - you can see the POTG example in the rage thread.


    Help me, I'm Shrinking!


  • PC

    Rut row. End of match has serious UI issues. I was able to see the scoreboard. I closed that. Viewed the notifications. Closed that then everything got wacky. Clicking any of the options in the upper right hand corner would pop up an Exit Game option. Meanwhile clicking X (the one that should do that) does nothing at all. All the button events got messed up.

  • PC

    Repro for a crash that affects scrims greatly: Go to customs, press escape or the back arrow and the game crashes every single time.
    Another bug: Androxus' dashes will not reset if you use a dash before dying, the meter for nether step continues after death and then proceeds to go on cool-down. this is extremely annoying.

  • PC

    These are disappointingly bad changes.

    The Caut changes were necessary on one hand, but on the other...

    Most of these changes don't fix any issues. One Man's Scrap is fine the way it is on PTS (problem really is his sustain, not the CDR... Also RIP Tinkerin now), Blossom buff actually further cements how trash full heal Grover is (by also making Hybrid heals more viable... Seriously, Rampant Blooming is dead), Solar Blessing change will do nothing, Seris Shadow Travel change was unnecessary, and while Zhin Smolder was on the strong side, I have a hard time believing it warranted an immediate nerf....

    You somehow did more harm than good with this one. And you're stopping on this? Wow, what a disappointment. Thought you had something going here.

  • I didn't mention it on the Google Forms feedback but the new card for Maeve was not necessary at all. At level 5 (which everyone should be running at) it's - 2 seconds on prowl if you hit your two daggers which is not hard to do. Plus the synergy is just too perfect because Cat Burglar got massively buffed because of the card itself but also when you shot you are already cancelling prowl, so in reality it's -3 seconds on your prowl on the first 2 shots.

    You should do something about that card in priority. Do not introduce this card on live servers !

  • @Xovann I've been preaching this on reddit since I saw the patch notes day 1 and people down vote me into oblivion. People are going to be cry for a nerf after a week, we'll just have to endure it while it's on the live servers. I've also been calling for a Willo dead zone adjustment/nerf since Caut is getting nerfed heavily in favor of healers but we'll see what happens I guess.


  • Yeah. Whats the point in this new VGS? mb someone knows how to change it back?(changed to the old style, but command are still in new order)

  • PC


    Not one bug I reported has been fixed.

    • Lian still turns into a dwarf
    • Imani's first two loadouts are still wrong.
    • I still get the intermittent loadout can't be save message.
    • Training siege still has 400 credits.

    Sure these are trivial/low priority but it should take maybe 10 seconds to change 400-->450.

    GL getting people to test in the future.

    The worst thing I've noticed is the number of bots has increased. 80% of my matches had a bot on either team. Prior patch was maybe 20%.

  • Moderator

    @DaddyOoker said in A Tigron's Tale - PTS Update #4:

    Imani's first two loadouts are still wrong.

    What's wrong with them? I will pass these bugs on immediately, although as far as I know, 1 and 4 are already known.

  • PC

    @Lukash369 They don't add up to 15 points. One of them can't even be corrected and saved.

  • Moderator

    Done. Thanks for the info! 😄

  • PC

    @Lukash369 Some more info on the loadout save error.

    I had two prior loadouts in slot 5 and 6. I click the x to delete both of them. I import a loadout into slot 4 from another account which saved fine. I import another loadout into slot 5 and it would not save. I tried numerous things to try to get it to save but it refused to save. Then I import that same failed loadout into slot 6 and it worked perfectly.

  • PC

    @Lukash369 Imani's first two loadouts problem has been fixed with today's patch. I don't know about the other loadout save problem due to the nature of it. Lian still turns into a dwarf and credits for siege training still 400. One confirmed fixed out of four... Better than zero.

  • Moderator

    Good to hear! As far as i know work on fixing other bugs is already underway!

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