how about to bring back some events

  • we all want some limited skin that we want like my favorite is dark tides in halloween but also the winter and maybe a new event for the chinese... anyway there are some skins that they are limited and its not fair because some they are good and there is no way to get the limited skins so can we fix that>

  • Some skins are limited for a few reasons. 1) To encourage participation in game events. 2) To make money. 3) It allows some players to more personalize their characters and be unique.

    Some limited skins do become availabe again through sponsored donation to certain charities.

    If we want limited skins, then we must allow ourselves the time or money to acquire them. If we miss out, then too bad for us. Accept it as a part of gaming life and hope we'll be around for the next one.

  • @Conrad_Max
    Accept it as part of gamin- horse shit... Comrade... GET MAD... BE FURIOUS... dude big buisness marketing strategy exploits gamers... many of these marketing strategies, loot boxes, limited time only deals, are just an unhealthy form of cheap and cheesy self promotion... fast food industry does it to exploit people, so why is it in my games? Its not wholesome. Even battle pass is another marketing strategy that maintains an active playerbase through grind and a 'need to play' dynamic.

    You should have certian limited skins yes... but there must be good reasons to make a skin limited, otherwise the store just suffers with RNG chests and shitty content, when it should be a place you go to buy skins via direct purchase. But classic paladins, the store is a mismanaged piece of shit... idk why the skin design team don't slap the marketing team for butchering the store system multiple times with bs, alt currency, mixer points, limited skins, fkn chests with 150 items....

    In my eyes the only worthy reasons to make skins limited are.... volcano makoa a skin for beta players, god of war nando for those who buy the founders pack, or certain purchaseable champion and background theme bundles, gold skins, and the promo limited skin from season pass after purchase. Some limited skins should be on a seasonal rotation and to no longer be made limited, some should be made purple tier just to thin out the amount of limited items.

    I do not agree with how Limited skins are achieved though battlepass gameplay grind, but hey it helps maintain player base and gives people more of a reason to play.
    Would probably make better profits on having a seasonal skins store for those who own battle pass instead of fully barring skins from player purchase forever until it resurfaces somehow.....
    For example, if all wild west and desert style themed skins were rolled into a sesonal event package for... summer... and came around only one quarter of the year, allowing players to purcase the season pass to gain the promo skin for season pass, but also gain access to a direct crystal purcase store with list of the limited skins that also follow the seasonal theme.
    Do this for each season, and the game should have a healty stable progression of skin content without pandering to holiday and popculture themed skins as hard.

    I personally do not buy battle passes as none of the content has attracted me to it, but before the store was reworked, there was pleanty of content that I just could not buy and most of what I was left with was legacy with rushed player art... their store system needs work, even after the rework. It just leaves me feeling like they are using battlepasses to exploit players into keeping the playerbase active, making a quick buck off people who do not want to miss an oppertunity to gain a skin they really like and will never see again next patch. This strategy needs to change...

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