Relevancy of newcomer champions in Paladins

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    This picture says it loud and clear. The Lore nowadays seems to be in a state where a newcomer starts super-relevant when debuting, but then quickly forgotten about when they are about to be only the third newest character.

    I'm pretty sure part of the playerbase that still cares about lore is getting sick of every new champion in lore essentially being one-use fire-and-forget character. They want new character to stick around in a lore for longer, not put on a bus after literally one-two new champion debuts! Atlas is perhaps the most egregious example: He was put on out-of-lore bus the moment Io was introduced! And Io was introduced into the game right after him!

    C'mon, It's becoming a chore when you first introduce new champions like they are a new big deal, and then throw them away to make way for the second-next one! And what about champions who already stuck around here for a while? I mean, Koga, Jenos, Khan? Tyra, Sha Lin, Strix, Inara? Cassie, Barik, Fernando, Androxus, Ying, for the last but not least?

  • Why is "lore" so important in this game? Does published lore make us play each character a certain way that fits the lore? If one characters lore says that he is evil and snother's lore say she is good, what happens when they are on the same team? And what happens when the other team has the same characters?

    Also, are similar characters on the other team clones?

    Some people take these things way too seriously.

    For me, I've created my own lore (in my mind) for the characters I play. And for me, it all works out perfectly. I am never disappointed in how my characters play.

  • @Conrad_Max Lore can give soul, some depth and personality to the characters, same what the chatting and interactive voice lines are doing. Of course it is not essential, but can give the game some plus flavour and maybe can attract new players.

    I am speaking for myself, but sometimes the only thing that keeps me at the game and the community are the characters and the lore potential. I love interesting designs, world settings, stories and fantasy novels. And looking at how poorly EM deals with it can bother me. I didn't need a whole story, including every single character, where everyone is connected to the others, just some independent backstories connection 2-4 characters. But EM chose the other way, with a big story. I said okay, this still can be good... but it isn't.

    Again, it has no effect on the gameplay, it gives nothing and takes nothing... but if they do something, they should put some effort into that, because they are basicly doing nothing with the lore. And this can really displease the people who cares about the lore.

  • @LeslieShoemaker said in Relevancy of newcomer champions in Paladins: "I am speaking for myself, but sometimes the only thing that keeps me at the game and the community are the characters and the lore potential."

    Well, lore and myth did help keep our ancestors warm and feel safe at night.

    I think quite a few people who feel as you do might have conflict with any official lore and would spend a grear amount of time complaining with eachother and complaining that the developers just don't understand their own product and those of us who use that product.

    As I had mentioned before, I have my own lore for the characters that I use. It's not very detailed, but it keeps me happy. With that said, I've nothing more to say. Have fun and see you in The Realm.

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