Vote on there trash match making

  • I have be playing for over 2 years and in beta was the best. Beside ob64. Now with all this cross play the game is almost unplayable do to the fact we get more of other concoles than xbox and all lower players. No reason a player level 630 should get new players all the time and get put against 5 stack of try hards. Rank should be by platform not cross play because like the switch can be played on a tv or in the back of the car going down the road. Its not fair to have more of ps4 or switch players when i am on xbox. They xbox only in settings wont work. The need to fix the game before putting out more content. I will no longer spend any money on this game i would ask the same from everone till the fix there game and match making

  • I play on Xbox too, for me the only problem in rank is PS4 and Switch player can use the Gyro which is not fair for us.

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