Dredge, the terror of my bathtub

  • Just begin with the weird talent Hurl, this talent reduce the CD of Harpoon form 14s to 0s, but no longer Slows enemies. Ok it's a talent but remove a CD of 14s is insane. For me this talent need to be rework.
    Harpoon is a "good" abilitie, a bit weak cause of his huge CD. But Shortcut and Broadside sucks.
    Here's some suggestion :



    • Reduce cooldown 14s -> 11s
    • Reduce slow 50% -> 40%

    I think 800 damage is pretty good, in addition we can hit several ennemy.


    • Placing a Shortcut takes 0.8s -> 0.7s
    • The Shortcut activates 0.6s -> 0.5s after placing it.
    • Now can deploy Shortcut at 10 units max.
    • Now heal of 500HP after exiting a Shortcut.

    Currently we need 1.4s to escape, it's too long even if we can use other abilitie as long as the shortcut is not ready. Now it just 0.2s less, not a big change but can be useful. I add some heal because this abilitie look like Talus's Rune of Travel.


    Hurl -> Traveller of the abyss

    NEW : The max range of Shortcut increase to 120 units.

    Ally can use Shortcut, if it aims the portal while pressing a defined key (to avoid a previous problem with the old Dredge) the ally must be in a raduis of 10 units from the portal. The cards (from Shortcut only) also work for the ally. The portal is still destroyed even by an ally.


    Hull Piecer : Reduce the Cooldown of Harpoon by {1.2|1.2}s -> {0.8|0.8}s

    Blow the Man Down : Enemies hit by Harpoon’s Slow have their Movement Speed reduced by an additional {6|6}% -> {7|7}%

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