January Happy Thread

  • @Dusklicious Agree with you there.

    The only reason I think Vortex sucks coming from someone who plays Khan as his secondary champion is the fact that you're vulnerable during the throwing animation.

    Outsmart this with the really simple knack of putting 5 points on his Vortex Grip DR card.

    Stun Khan is a thing, believe me.

    @TangAce you genius...


    "How to use this bad rework on a system that was working perfectly"

  • @KicsitCsicska You get milk and cooookies!

    Well, Indonesian Cookies suck... so, umm... Oatmeal Raisin? Or do you prefer Chocolate Chip?

    Anyway, people seem to forget all the great work that Hirez and EM has done for new update (simpler battle pass quests, Flanknando back, Imani buffs, Evie's skin, and so on) because of the removal of Third Person and VGS...

    Have a good time playing the game guys!

  • PC


    :') gotta do my part about it eh

  • PC

    Finally getting to play the PC port of Disgaea 2 (A PC port of a game that came out 14 years ago...). Had to reinstall it a few times first because it would keep crashing during the opening cutscene... 😒 Game seems to be around as good as the first one so far. 🙂

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    To the people on here who still somehow say that Flanknando sucks: Uhm, what universe are you living in? It's as good as ever...

    FlAnKnAnDo iS sTiLl BaD.png

    Maybe it's the player that's the issue... After all, it's honestly not as simple to play him as it looks, or as simple as it is to play other champions, like Strix… I mean if I'm being honest, he's probably the third best off-tank right now, and he's also quite serviceable point with the actually quite substantial indirect buffs to Formidable.

    Honestly, hearing the accusations about JayFlare not keeping his promises just makes me like him more as an AoC rep, even if he is a little on the shilly side.

    Also, Raum is totally not actually really strong right now. Not at all.

    RaUm Is BaD iN 3.1.png


    BTW, got a Penta in this game... https://mypaladins.com/match/926161104

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  • Some good matches with the forum mates 😛
    @Demigod @DambaKing
    20200117221514_1.jpg 20200117205946_1.jpg

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    I guess I shouldn't play Tiberius... First loss had two quitters... seems to be a trend here. Imani still has weapon lockout bug. How hard is it to reset state after death? A Maeve got top play which was after a successful push. Lol


  • Happy about 3 things actually:

  • resonance talent.jpg

    resonance stats.jpg

    Won a ranked game with Resonance Ying. That's the thing about resonance. It's stupid braindead against certain comps but not viable against others. It worked here because of Grohk, Fernando, and Raum. They kept destroying my illusions, feeding my ult charge. They couldn't help it because they were made to destroy deployables. Though against a competent team with direct damage, they can just focus me.

    Still, I'm glad I did this. Easiest match won, even with Imani intentionally throwing.

  • PC

    Finally a good game even though I lost.


  • @KicsitCsicska That evie one is dumb sorry man XD

    never flank when ur not in home server

    Yeay, 150 reputation! HURRAH

    Thanks a lot guys!

  • PC

    So, I got a Nando quadra kill last night...

    Nando Quad.png

    Also, Ruckus is good now.

  • PC

    Mastery 7 Talus: "f***ing MM"

    Also: Spams need healing, feeds, and runs Faustian Bargain

    F***ing hilarious. 🤣

  • I don't realy like Spirit's Domain, but I got an enemy Dredge, so Totemic Ward made no sense as a healer Ghrok. Despite I shoot allies for heal, I got top kill in my team somehow, top damage there and also top play xD
    Meanwhile Skye over healed me 😄
    Maybe I just forgot about my lighting can heal. It's wierd xD

  • https://forums.hirezstudios.com/paladins/topic/2208/champion-etymology-list Yeay me?

    Also, 200 damn hours on my new account... Hurrah!

    Doesn't beat the 500 hours on my old one tho XD

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    @Romanova said in An Update on the New Paladins VGS System:

    Since A Tigron’s Tale first released, the community team has been collecting feedback and working on a few options & improvements with the dev team to help make our VGS system something both new players and hardcore fans can enjoy (and use) regularly in-game.

    With our old VGS system coming from both TRIBES: Ascend and then going over to SMITE before coming to us, it wasn’t one built from the ground up to best fit Paladins as an experience. This made it extremely daunting for new players to pick up and learn, which is why this project is important to us as we continue updating our game to ensure Paladins can compete into 2020 and beyond.

    Building a more accessible system meant cutting a few lines, converting menus, and more - which Adanas worked to highlight heavily in his developer blog for Season 3 (I highly suggest giving it a read if you haven’t already). That said, we now know this wasn’t the ideal solution for all of our players - as you have been giving us a lot of great feedback on VGS over the last few weeks.

    Based on those feedback points, we have been working with the team on a few options & improvements to help make VGS something everyone can use, learn, and enjoy regardless of their experience with Paladins.

    Following today’s update, PC players will see a new legacy option in our settings menu. When toggled, this gives players access to our new VGS system (new dialogue lines, new base callouts, etc.) using the old VGS keybinds you are used to playing Paladins with.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Guys

    I am a genius...

    We can now put links using Bit.Ly and add more stuff on your signature!

    More useless stuff perhaps, but stuff is stuff!

    I am now only using 599 out of 600 character limit...


    I need a life guys. Please help.

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