January Rage Thread

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    @Dusklicious said in January Rage Thread:

    downvote something only because it has an opinion they disagree with.

    @Dusklicious As Damba said, that is the purpose. It's not necessarily a personal attack and you shouldn't take it as such.

    Which one so I can go downvote it 🙂

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    This post is deleted!

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    @DambaKing said in January Rage Thread:

    @DaddyOoker Where is the upvote

    I need to know which post he's talking about so I can downvote it... You got yours... lol

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    @TangAce RIP AOC... Always next time.

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    nah, I'm trying out a team for PPC, if I don't make it I'm quitting this game for real
    people elected in aoc are just people with YT channel or stream, and I know some of them and they will be a total hindrance, seriously, who thought it was a good idea to choose some of them who can't even speak decent english? not even gonna mention they never did anything for the game ever, they only do stuff for themselves

    of course this doesn't apply to all of them, some people like Jay actually did good things for the sake of Paladins, but just read the damn aoc description from some of this dude, it's awful to read and NONE of them is planning on fixing the matchmaking

    and I'm saying this seriously, bugs and lack of polish are annoying yes, but it's not the main issue this game has anymore, so if Matchmaking / Ranked and hitboxes stays the same without any plan on fixing that, I'll quit the game like all my friends did a bit over a month ago

    it is not normal to play matches, be it casual or ranked, with 4 bots in your team against 5 real players, it isn't normal to have 2 dudes under lvl 50 against 5 dudes over 250, and I can go on for a pretty long time but I'm gonna stop cause there is no point in this anyway, just look my history I guess

    I don't even want to play anymore, I queue, I get into a lobby, and the game hasn't even started that I know it's a 4-0 already then 3 free loses later I know I get a free 4-0 win, what's the point?? I could be afk and it wouldn't change my win/loss ratio that much, I mean come on I managed to lose games against team with 2 bots -.- and I don't think I'm a super bad player

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    @TangAce Well it's common for people to vote for well known people - same thing happens in politics. No surprise there.

    Z1 should want to do something with the MM. I've seen some of the garbage matches he's been given. If he let's it go without a fight then I don't know what to say.

    Anyway, GL with the PPC.

    BTW, we now have a drafting guide: https://forums.hirezstudios.com/paladins/topic/2315/drafting-guide-for-ranked-competitive

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    I voted for z1 for a reason, and not because he's known ^^' he actually knows the game really well and I think he'll do a good job, jay did a decent job last year tho nothing to worry about I guess, and bitey is a great player as well, but people only playing casual, not having a ton of hours in game, not having done anything for the game or community...well I don't know, it just feels wrong af

    I can't count the hours I spent writing things on forums, and not just guides or lore stuff, can't count the number of bugs I reported (and actually some of them got fixed because of my report while some others are still around 2 years later lmao ) and I can't count the hours I spent teaching the game to new players
    won't even talk about stuff like autoban fight which well actually worked after a year of everyday writing, once people started to notice what was going on

    and ya know what? I wouldn't even be mad not to be in aoc if we had good representative, but there's like 2 of them I already know will mess up big big time cause I know why they wanted to get into the aoc...

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    @TangAce Besides MM, the afk problem needs to go. Pretty sure the Lian went bot. She's account level 443 so not a noob. I have no idea if it was intentional or not but it sucks to win like this.


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    Ying went Resonance against a healer trio - I had rejuv L3... Tiberius went bot or really bad. We got Zhinned. Tyra didn't buy wrecker even after saying. Ying ended up getting it.. lol. Lost - only so much I can do - went 3-4.


  • @DambaKing support tickets get those scum banned

  • @DaddyOoker crashing is punished, intentional afk is not

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    @Zeebuoy The problem is that I can't remember their names, and guru don't show custom matches.....

  • @DambaKing rip

  • God damn GMs destroy our fun!! 😡
    I show you here a new game. Called: Who is the GM? Rules: I show you a screencut of the scoreboard, and have to find out who was the GM. Prize: I will vote up every successful solutions (once per player)! Good luck!


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    Time for February Rage Thread!


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