January Rage Thread

  • @Dusklicious All I'm saying is that people should cut Hirez some slack... XD

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    @Demigod said in January Rage Thread:

    @Dusklicious All I'm saying is that people should cut Hirez some slack... XD

    I mean you can really only cut them slack to an extent...

    EDIT: TF2 bots aren't much smarter than Paladins bots it seems.


    • This forum is basically dead... only a few threads get new posts every few days....
    • Most of the community sucks (toxicity, trolling and just not giving a $4!t about ambitious players in ranked)
    • Ranked is not playable in the lower divisions without a full group
    • You cant get out of lower divisions if you were a former high div player, because the MM still matches you up against high div players caused by the personal "elo"...
    • Not any acknowledgment of reports of bugs, players and game feedback (i mean, we are still complaining about many things, e.g. matchmaking/ranking system, but it seems like no one deals with it... https://forums.hirezstudios.com/paladins/topic/2119 ...mark my words...)
    • Did i mentioned that ranked sucks? 💩

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    My internet adapter- Disconnects, reconnects, disconnects again, reconnects, disconnects again, reconnects, disconnects AGAIN...



    Also, when are gifs going to work on here? 😒

  • @Bahaco Yes, the forum is kinda dead 😕

    But you can reach diamond rank alone easily: I do it with hybrid supporters. Low elo supporters suck, coz can't deal a single damage and don't now where and when to heal. The hybrid stuff let you dominance some situations, and the fact that you can be useful with a passive gameplay on the background with huge self heal let you return into the fight again and again without leave your team alone. I've posted tons of my match about it. If you know what to do you can get top damage and heals at the same time, or at least close to both of them. And it's a carry what you need 🙂
    (I have shit aiming skill)

  • @Bahaco The forum is dead due to the way it was once ran, everyone got tired of it and left and never returned. Its seems like its better now but not much discussion anymore. Its also dead because nothing said on this forum really effects the game at all. The AOC is the way in which players can advocate for changes in the game and really if change is what you want you should find an AOC rep that is advocating for what you want and vote for them. Everyone has 3 votes.


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    I mean she's actually not terrible at least with the right build and can be actually somewhat decent in the right situation, but what they did to Ash is really a shame. She's now down there with the worst in the game, even if that isn't extremely low any more.

    Please buff Ash EM. I'm really frustrated by the decision you made to gut her. 😞

  • I mean,.... I know point tank atlas is a thing, but... Seriously guys? I cant tank a lian a cassie and a willo... XD

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    @Demigod said in January Rage Thread:

    I mean,.... I know point tank atlas is a thing, but... XD

    It's highly situational. It probably would need Raum/Fern off to make it really work (or at least that's who looks like the best when it comes to offs IMHO).

  • @KicsitCsicska Yeah, but the problem is, i am gold 2 atm (last season diamond 1) and still getting matched up against diamonds/masters just that the teams are (more or less) equally set up by the matchmaking... only because i've got a high elo...

    So basically it's a 50/50 chance of win or loose. But thats just not how a personal ranking system works... Currently you get a team reward, despite how good you played

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    A personal ranking doesn't work well here. KDA and other stats aren't what win matches. Winning is really the only thing that matters which is accomplished via teamwork.

    To create a true personal ranking system how do you measure player performance in a team based strategy type game? KDA, dmg/min, heal/min, objective time etc?

    Also if it were to be player performance, how does it make sense if you always won but somehow other players were ranked above you that were losing much more often but got their rank solely because of some personal stat. Doesn't make sense to me. Maybe there could be an additional separate rank - call it MVP rank or something.

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    EDIT: So, the newly revealed fighter for Smash Ultimate is a MASSIVE disappointment.

  • @DaddyOoker Yea, a ranking only for the player... already mentioned it 😉 https://forums.hirezstudios.com/paladins/topic/2119

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    @Bahaco Yeah, I saw that but it sounds like you want to change the rank that's currently in place not add an additional player rank. I'm saying there would be two ranks. The overall team based rank we have now and an additional player rank doing basically what you describe. My question of how you rate a particular player is still on the table.

  • MM is stupid... I met a 5 man party where everyone is plat or higher and is around the same level as TangAce...

    GG guys... It's a wonder I managed to last and only lose 2/4

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    I'm so confused... I look at TangAce's matches on guru just to see how things are going. Stalker 🙂

    It shows qualified as Plat II then a day or two later shows qualifying again and places Gold I.

    Everything everywhere is so f'd up. @TangAce , what does the game say your rank is?

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    @DaddyOoker sometimes Im curious about the ranks of the forum users and check them on guru as well and he is one of the users that plays the most. probably the one that goes up and down the most between gold-master ... in this case is probably his real rank since he has played 4 matches. I started at high-mid gold and ended the season in dia 3 so he should be the same more or less

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    @ShogunPukin I'm glad I'm not the only stalker..

    I forgot he also plays on controller... Some of those are controller matches.

  • 20200117215334_1.jpg
    Players with way less credits than others were crushed out from the game. Me too. 6 champions were bots coz of this. Game crush should be solved asap!

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    ahah, it's confusing because I play ranked both pc and console 🙂
    the rank above is my console rank and the one under is pc rank, I placed P2 on console and didn't play since
    placed G1 on pc and ranked up to P2 few games later

    most people think I'm like plat cuz they see my console rank (I don't play much on console so usually stays ni high plat low diam) while my pc rank is high diam or master, I swear it's pretty annoying to be called a plat when you are in master ^^' yaknow people complaining during draft...

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