How Is Paladins Doing In Your Country?

  • Simple enough... How is Paladins as a game doing your country? Describe the community and its popularity...

    Oh yeah, if you are an American, use your state instead. You have a server all to yourselves, only sharing with Canadians, so... Just, use your state instead of your country.

    Also, don't forget to say which country are you from...

    I'll start...

    The popularity of Paladins in Indonesia drastically decreased. Among all the Steam Games, Paladins used to be the NUMBER TWO (Number one being DOTA since the game's release) most popular game until they released Vivian (this character caused 15 of my friends to quit the game) and then it dropped to something like... Number 12 most popular according to a gaming blog that almost all gamers in Indonesia read.

    Then you released Koga. Hurrah! Paladins became kind of popular again! Getting back to the top 10...

    But, after that, the popularity steadily declined... Shame honestly. Right now, Paladins is quite Popular among the Steam games, usually appearing in the monthly top 10, but also dropping out once in a while...

    The problem with the popularity of Paladins is not just from Steam games, although our current number 2 and 3 are both popular FPS'es as in CSGO and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege... But with non steam games...

    Overwatch isn't popular at all here, but it's Apex: Legends that just consume the fuck out of our community...

    Now... for the Paladins community...

    Indonesians that play Paladins can be divided to three stereotypes...

    The Ranked Commanders.
    The Ranked Toxics.
    The Casual Players.

    The Ranked Commanders are fun people who enjoy playing Ranked but has a tendency to be bossy with talent picks and flanking. People like me. We are fun and rarely toxic, but... Umm... We are bossy. I mean, I use The Captain title for this EXACT reason. 20% of the community in Indonesia is like this...

    The Ranked Toxics are people who hate MM and spam VHS and are just damn toxic. I think these make up for 30% of the community... You guys now people like this.

    The Casual Players aren't even remotely toxic. They are fun but only touches Casual. Half of the Indonesia community are like this...

    What are yours?

    Use this to help EM and voice your concerns about the game especially the toxicity issues in your country/state.

  • The popularity of P. is pretty low in Germany. Most young people do know what it is or have heard of it, but only few people play it. There are some German content creators, like OutlawEmpire, Zaptalin, SonsOfPaladins and Drangedacht, who keep the game going a bit in Germany. The majority of the players are casual players who are pretty bad at the game, but there are also some masters, GMs or competitive players, like Outlaaaaaaw, Sephicloud, Znost, dukedo, Genu2000, Trippez, amongst others. But for the most part people play other games here, and have only tried out P. in 2016/beginning of 2017 but quit the game fairly quickly.

  • PC

    @Demigod2-0 Huh? No no one knows paladins in KSA, even if some people know the game they will say OW clone, stupid game, kids game. Because they haven’t tried it.

  • PC


    I'm in SE USA and 99% I play on the NA server. Trust me we do not have the server to ourselves. We have people from everywhere - a lot of Latin players.
    When I was playing ranked more often I was playing with two people in France and one from Indonesia on the NA server. Oddly enough my ping on the Latam(15) server is lower than NA(47). I think the Latam server is at my neighbor's house.

    Toxicity varies. I find casual more toxic than ranked most of the time. Makes no sense. Season 1 was more toxic all around. I don't know why it's not as toxic as it was. Most of the toxicity I see is from Spanish speakers.

  • @DaddyOoker I think that one player from Indonesia is my friend or me XD

    I play in NA if the queue times for TDM or Onslaught is too long at SEA, which happens every Thursday XD

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    @Demigod2-0 Only if around 14 yrs old and have a username starting with a V. Anyway, he stopped playing sometime early 2019. I ended up de-friending all the in-active friends. I have none left except my son of course.

    I don't play TDM or Onslaught much. I'll play training matches of those to warm up or a quick daily quest thing. Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm lucky if I have an hour to play if at all. Yesterday I was lucky to get the last login reward - no time to play anything.

  • @Demigod2-0 I play in Indonesia too, but play on the NA servers, the SEA servers take too long to find a game. The ping isn't perfect, but it gets me a game quickly.

    Saw a guy playing it in Bali airport on New Years Eve. Any chance that was you? πŸ˜„

  • @LeafyLeafy

    no... I play on internet cafes... i'm from bandung btw,

  • Moderator

    In Poland we have a large and active community - the numbers speak for themselves! πŸ‘€

  • @Demigod Surabaya over here. That means there's at least 4 of us in Indonesia that play it!

  • @LeafyLeafy Add me in game!

    IGN: DemigodSissyum

    I might be bossy at times (that's why I use title... "The Captain") but I'm fun and toxic-free 99% of the time

    The 1% is me accidentally saying something sarcastic... XD

  • @Demigod I'm sarcastic majority of the time sooo...

    Though i can also be useless too!

  • @LeafyLeafy Just add DemigodSissyum

    I have many surabayan's as friends tho...

    Though they have not showed up in ages... Perhaps you know a dude named BelaianPacar?

  • @Demigod invite has been sent!

    Sadly don't know anyone else in Surabaya that plays it.

  • @LeafyLeafy Until we meet in game (I play on... like... weekday mornings since I work on weekends because we Wedding Singers don't work on weekdays)

  • @Demigod Sounds good. I tend to play around then too. Cool on the wedding singer front. Sadly isnt much time for gaming on the weekends though!

    Catch you in the game!

  • I'm from Croatia and I'm 14yo. Paladins is not anymore popular and Im the only one I know that plays Paladins of my friends etc. Paladins was popular in Croatia when it was relised and mostly my friends callef It the clone of OW. I have overwatch but when I play to much of OW i get annoyed and then I switch to Paladins. For a free game its very good. Im still dont know how is Paladins community but I hope its nice and nonToxic. As I saw for now mostly in games I join with 10yo kids from Russia, Ukraine...

  • A lot of people played it in France a few times in their life, but they do not anymore.
    From my experience, some stopped after trying out the first versions, some stopped after ob64, quite a few who stopped in ob70 came back for 1.1 and 1.3 and a few champion release but essentially they don't play the game anymore.
    The French Paladins population has three types of people. The first type are the people whose numbers are steadily decreasing, which are casual gamers. The second type are people like me who just can't take the toxicity of ranked anymore and just only play casual now (we often started the game by playing competitive all the time). The third type are ranked idiots, as I like to call them. They are often toxic, insult you if you are not doing what their favorite French Paladins youtuber told them to pick, ban and buy, and they tend to only speak French in the chat whether or not there are other people, just like Russians. There is also a part of them that insult non-French people randomly.
    And somehow the third type are the only type of people in France that does not have a population decrease.

  • The playerbase is majority children since opening up to console.
    Majority of the playerbase cannot perform on a level required for casual play and it really feels a let down trying to play a game, when you have to pick up the slack of your allies suicidal tendancies.
    I used to teach people how to play, and I am still doing it for newcomers. But it should not be my job to teach players how to not to ruin my games and improve their own perfomance at the same. That is up to gameplay tutorials and a fun/interesting practice modes that can be challenging, but this game really does not have that kind of support... it intends to throw kids at eachother in a meat grinder until they get some sense of shooters.

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    Paladins in Singapore is practically unheard of. There is barely any community for the game here. I only know around 3 people who know the game. The rest all prefer Overwatch. There are some local YouTubers who have tried it but they don't play it at all after that. Here's an example. Also, dat some nostalgia right there! Old 2017 Paladins gameplay makes me feel so nostalgic! πŸ™‚ BaCK wHeN THe GaMe WaS bEtTeR tHAn iT Is NoW!

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