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  • I've played this game for 3 years, but have not improved at all: I still get myself killed in bot matches (which is the only thing I do regularly) and get completely destroyed in any casual / ranked game no matter what. A big problem I have is aiming, which is why I main Terminus. My accuracy with Androxus and Drogoz is 60-80%, but only because they are projectile characters. I now wish to main Lex, a hitscan character that most people think is cancer but is somehow a throwpick in ranked. Before anyone asks, I have played every character and prefer anything but supports because I'll have to constantly heal.

    The following is my experience playing bot games. I'm under the impression that any game against real players is exponentially harder.

    For me, aiming with this man is impossible! So I ask for small advice / tips on how aiming works.
    Every game I play my accuracy is around 10%. Lex clearly looks like a hitscan champion, but his shots still do not seem to travel instantly. The second any enemy moves, I miss (my mouse sensitivity is 15 and FPS stays at 60).

    With Death Hastens, my favorite talent, it's infuriating when his shots alternate from missing the right of the opponent's head to the left, with no opportunity for correction because I die instantly (when facing any character with 0 dps, you tend to die sooner than them). With Discovery (I see no practical use in Heroism), I can land 2-3 shots at a time before the reticle swells to the size of a hamburger, and landing 2 shots that deal 400 damage doesn't seem very helpful.

    People accuse Lex of his spam, but doing so even at point blank range does not get me any damage / kills because 5 shots still don't hit anything. Because of this I have severe difficulty getting any kills or even damage. Maybe I'm just too bad. Help pls

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    Do you play on PC? I'm pretty sure there's aim training games and such on Steam, I've seen streamers using them.

  • have you tried osu?

  • First off bots are NOT always easier than humans, they have aimbot and wallhacks and can use some abilities in a way no human can regardless of skill level.
    As for improving with Lex or any semi auto champion I'd suggest switching to the DOT type crosshairs and just practice in TDM and Onslaught against people, if you really want to improve then you will

  • Uncheck "enhance pointer precision" in windows mouse setting->additional mouse settings->pointer options under motion.

    Also 15 ingame sens 800 dpi is extremely high, try 7 or less.

  • Like everyone has suggested above, try any aim training exercises and you'll see a gradual improvement over time.

    I personally have found success lowering my DPI to 400 and sens to 6.5, whereas 2 years ago I was playing with 1000 DPI and 12 sens. The way I did this was setting my DPI to the lowest my mouse is capable of (800 at the time) and gradually lowering my sensitivity whenever I became really comfortable.

    Some things to keep note of though, If you have very minimum mouse room to move your mouse around in, consider higher DPI and higher sens, and vice versa. Make sure you're able to comfortably look around with your settings.

    This reddit user on r/PaladinsAcademy named The_Dinns has a great library of resources on competitive data and guides, including aiming. I'd take a look at that and experiment with it. Really let those information and muscle memory sink in over time, because getting good aim doesn't happen overnight.

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    try to find a good sensitivity, there are many youtube videos about that
    then train in shooting range, it'll help
    I had the same problem at first but then people told me that and now I start to be okay-ish in terms of aim

    also, don't play bot matches, it's not really helping as bots well are bots and cannot compare to real players

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