• I for one am to say I love the game. Its a great game and i enjoy all of the games content that is offered. But when i go into a game and see viktors name pop up on the opposing side, I have a strong feeling the round wont be fun. Viktor is the most unbalanced champion in this game as he has so much damage just with his "automatic burstfire" that shoots like an auto matic. and the fact that it does and each bullet doing 136 per shot, i just get shut down. So i would love some balance in him like maybe a damage reduction or something but i cant keep playing like this

  • Maybe take haven against a Victor ... depends on what champion you are playing, but Victor can be taken down quickly if he doesn’t escape on you. Tyra, Vivian and Talus are all rapid fire champs but a good Buck can wipe them out. Net shot slows movement and increases damage with the right legendary... it’s a great game, keep playing and maybe group up with teammates to protect you from a troubling Victor.

  • @Saskamazon the problem i see with viktor is his stupid ult

    an ult that has so much powerful splash damage is stupid, all he has to do is look at you and you die?

    in overwatch the more powerful an ult is it must have weaknesses, eg junkrat's wheel tyre can be destroyed, d'vas ult can be physically seen and can be avoided standing behind a pillar or go around a corner of a building

    the moment viktor yells his ult if you can't hide INSTANTLY there's nothing you can do. As for using the games so called unique option that OW doesn't have i.e THE SHOP to change things up?

    so what? without good teamwork you still die, i was blamed for buying wrecker because the team was dying, i've had NO problem using the tactic of being shield destroying with kinessa/wrecker before and winning. Its not my fault if the dps doesn't protect the sniper (even as ying i look out for flanks against my team), seriously the game is so broken that a healer can out heal damage eg the butterfly character, shot her repeatedly as kinessa and she shot me 2-3 times i immediately died. Now maybe its because i didnt' buy the option to stop her from healing.....who knows, but you can't expect ALL players to know the in's and outs of the game and all the characters like that

    in OW it most cases you cannot OUT HEAL damage, if you could then a healer could be OP and rip apart dps, as kinessa thats unfair as i have to land everyshot as the sniper to have any value and know every characters strengths and weaknesses

    how do i know she was a healer?

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