• I have been playing Paladins for years going off and on again. Same with Smite. I have been playing Smite since Beta. I love the old VGS system. It's so intuitive I picked it up almost instantly to the point that I could guess what I was about to say without even having seen some commands before. Like someone else said previously, things like VA1 or VSD2, are much more intuitive than random keys on the keyboard that you need to memorize.
    V to open VGS
    A for Attack, D for Defend, S for Self, E for Emote.
    Old VGS was perfect and frankly one of the reasons I love Paladins and Smite more than other games.
    And as a person that also plays Smite to this day, I implore you to change it back to how it was. It's so confusing changing from one game to the other.
    But I have to say. I love that you still have ideas and try new things in your games. Gives me hope and reason to keep playing. I just think (me and thousand other players to be honest) that the VGS is not the feature you should be looking at when it comes to change.
    Keep up the good work!

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    @Zabetakas92 said in New VGS:

    A for Attack, D for Defend, S for Self, E for Emote.

    You can still use it!
    Open settings —> Video —> set VGS input type to “text (Legacy)“

  • The game is absolutely worse than before without this. The jokes and other non-messaging VGSes had a massive impact on quenching the "dullness" of everything, let alone the fact that it was a crap ton of extra voice lines to enjoy and give character to the characters.

    As a former TF2 player, it also made me very nostalgic. Now I have no reason left to even use the feature because, frankly, quiet communication still works better. I hope they re-introduce the old commands soon and maybe add an option to change the size of the wheel. Otherwise, no complaints.

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    @Bierbarrel Please read the post above yours. Just go into settings and you can get the old VGS back, with most of the old commands.

  • Most of the portion of voice lines were removed and compared to the previous one it is harder to adapt as the code for the voice lines don't make sense.
    We have to press 4 keys to say something so common which takes time and sometimes while doing so i have to stop halfway and i'm not used to it.
    i Have been playing since 2017 and it was really hard for me to adapt to new changes every update. I hope that you can restore the old VGS or at least give an option to do so. It will really help.

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    @vlankzero You can still change VGS to the old one in options.

  • @Lukash369 Not possible on consoles, you just change how it looks but cannot change to the old way

  • @NoMemeNoLife Not possible on consoles versions, is a shame

  • @Lukash369 please give us the option to use the old vgs on consoles versions

  • Adding things in a game and then removing them, is a faulty concept especially if those things were liked by literally everyone. Me and a friend of mine actually stopped playing the game when you removed 3 things (no matter the reasons):

    1st. The removal of old VGS with the introduction of the new one (which is nice but i don't really care).
    I still literally try to say to group VVVB VVVB VVVB which refers to "behind us" or VVGQ which refers to "quiet". This is very frustrating and confusing and i will never get used to it, plus, many characters have voice lines like Infernal Seris who says "aaaah from behind...? that had an impact of fun on the game. I honestly have no intention to bother playing several characters anymore, because they don't seem fun to me anymore without those VGS quotes. It took time for us to get used to all of the combinations and now you just come and change it for WHAT ever reasons. JUST. NO.

    2nd. The removal of Top Play. I honestly was competing with my friends even on casual games, on who will get the Top Play this time. Top Play was one of the fun things that this game had, and no matter what reasons, you removed it. I don't really care if it was causing problems to the game, like several bugs etc. FIX it. Its like using an automatic elevator to go to the 5th floor, and suddenly you say "well, sorry but from now on you have to take the stairs because... reasons".

    3rd. The removal of Top Role at the end of a match at scoreboard. This was a very nice way to distinguish players at the end of a match, even for fun/competitive reasons. You could see enemy players that topped in their role. Now the only thing you see is your team, which is dull and boring. The feeling i get is like i play against bots all the time.

    All of these 3 were the main reasons we quit. I mean, we were frustrated about other things too, such as bad matchmaking, long queues in high ranked etc, but what really bugs me is that i m not having fun anymore. Well, at least i dont have the same fun i used to. I even bought this last battlepass and grinded through the levels mostly against bots cause i find it boring to play against players now that these things were removed. And this brings us to the quitting of the game and moving on to other things.

    I don't know if other people could quit for such reasons. Some may say i am overreacting, other may say they quit for even less. All i say is that this was a VERY bad move for the health of the game and i've seen many bad moves since the beta of the game.

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