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    @Kiyoshiken The player/champion name map is already there. Just look at the loading frames.

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    I was thinking of trying out the autohotkey idea since if I'm going to have to relearn I'd rather use my own scheme.

    Question is will Steam or Easy-Anti-Cheat detect this program as some sort of cheat?

    If it does get detected how screwed am I?

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    Hmm idk, but I will ask

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    Ok, so for what I know macro are considered worthy of a ban. So if they don't add anything like this in game, it will be better to don't use them.

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    @Lukash369 said in New VGS:

    Ok, so for what I know macro are considered worthy of a ban. So if they don't add anything like this in game, it will be better to don't use them.

    Well that sucks. OK I guess I'll have to learn them. Ugg. Thanks.

  • @Lukash369 The new vgs system is absolutely atrocious. Huge mistake by hi rez on this one a horrible decision

    I do not want to learn an entirely new system, nor am I going to because it’s such a pain and a waste of time when the old one was just fine.

    Simple solution: add back the old system and give players the option which one they want to use. I bet the majority of longtime players will choose the old one because it’s better and what they’re used to

    If only one can be in the game, definitely put the old one back in the new one is just awful. It also uses the dpad a ton which is a huge design mistake taking my thumb of LS to do comms would get me killed

    Overall just a massive step back and a really bad start to the new year for paladins.

  • Unlike third person.

    I agree with bringing back old VGS entirely...

  • Some important stuff is shorter like need healing and group up but it's all unintuitive nonsense.

    The radial menu is absolutely idiotic, it takes up so much of the screen and instead of doing anything important you're eyeing the menus and trying to track stuff down, it blinds you and many important messages are now 1 character longer (flank right, flank left, etc). The additional characters make make it annoying to callout enemy positions.

    It seems like a lot was ruined just to make the radial menu more sensible when anyone unlucky enough to use the radial menu will be losing out a lot on their screen space. I remember the old VGS was an option in the PTS. Can they please bring that back?

  • I just don't use VGS since the key words have been changed.

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    Next simple idea - In my opinion new radial VGS is nice idea, but wheel is underdeveloped. Why can't it be changed to something similar to emote/spray whell?


    Starting from the beginning. We still have one free place in the profile menu. You can add VGS whell editing options there


    After selecting this option we could add voice lines in the same way as, for example, emotes.
    Of course, a long list would not be too good to scroll. Therefore, the options would be like in the new VGS system - for example, after clicking "Tactics" we could choose "Attack!" And then "Left". We can add the selected option to any place in whell.


    With this solution, we could add a dozen or so most important commands for us that we could use really quickly. We would learn the rest of the new commands later, without fear that for some time we won't be able to use them in matches.


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    @Lukash369 I liked this idea but still #NewVGSSucks

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    @Lukash369 This might be good for consoles. From PC perspective I for one don't want that radial thing at all. I have 12 unused function keys I could use. Even with the extra hand movement to get to those keys it would be faster than 4 key strokes. IMO, the custom bindings is best for keyboard users and it's really not that difficult to implement.

  • Please, pc users just want an option to use the slightly older version; please.

  • @DaBLODE we took so long to learn it; this is cruel.

  • @Lukash369 Another reason why new vgs is absolutely awful: help and need healing are bound to the same command.

    This is just ridiculous because they are not the same thing and need healing only seems to kick in when your health is really low. But what if I have 75% health and I want to call for healing? Can’t do it

    Help does not equal need healing so in that case the healer prob won’t even look at you. What if I have 10% health and want to call for help? Can’t do it as far as I can tell

    I’m sure this cuts down on the need healing spam but it also removes clarity of communication. The point of this post is not to say they should just separate the two it’s to mention another reason why new vgs is awful and needs to be reverted. Or have both the new and old vgs for people to choose what they want to use

  • @lockout92, I mainly heal people who at the objectives. If anyone else is healed, they just happened to be within range.

    Scream for healing all they want, the mission will always come first. I will not chase after people to heal them.

  • @Conrad_Max And if you’re playing jenos or mortal reach that point goes completely out the window they can easily heal people far away from the obj

    Either way it does nothing to counter what I’m saying. Healing and need help on the same command is stupid. It’s not about whether or not you actually get healed as a result, it’s about what you are saying to your team

    If I say need healing and my healer is near me and doesn’t heal me, I know he’s complete trash. If i say help and my healer doesn’t heal me I can’t really blame the healer because help is very open ended and generic, it can be directed at anyone on the team. So I’m going to blame the stupid vgs that doesn’t let me say what I mean

  • @lockout92

    Meh... healing range does differ between supports true... if you consider supports like sideliners, they will always have a place they can cover most of the fight, be it point or roaming area, the team just needs to operate around a place in the environment that works for the support... most polite thing to do it so only say you require healing while you know you are within range of healer.

    As for help and need assistance, this is not asking for healing for me... this is an ask for either for peel or pair with an ally for an assault.

    Need cover would be a good ask for shields and cover fire assistance.

  • @Lukash369

    Actually... the editable radial dialoge menu is music to my ears...

    With this... learning of, and working with commands will be easier for newcomers to prepare for the dialoge system.

    Just keep the old VGS system alongside for less of a visual hinderance for PC players.

  • @Lukash369 I would love that idea, its the perfect solution, dont know how no one could think of that

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