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    Here you can describe what you like and what you don't like in the new VGS system.

    We are happy to read your ideas for improving the new system!

    From this point, all new threads about VGS will be deleted!

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  • I don't normally post on here and I don't really keep up with news on upcoming changes other than occasionally seeing new characters that will come out, but I was so disappointed when I logged into Paladins tonight (I'm on PS4) after the update and realized the VGS had changed so drastically that I had to give feedback.
    I used to be able to quickly say someone is flanking on the left, enemies are behind us, thank you for the heals and indicate where I would attack, but as I tried to tonight all kinds of totally different statements came out.
    I understand trying to find ways for new players to pick it up but when youve played it and invested in it since beta and persevere through learning the current system for so long then to have it changed so drastically all of a sudden with no option to revert it to the original system I have to admit feels like a bit of a kick in the guts and is extremely disappointing.
    On PS4 now I dislike that the vgs wheel is so big on the screen and I have to look through so many options to find what i want, with up to 3 directional button presses to scroll through various wheels and get it back off my screen. By the time I can say anything like an enemy is on the left, I've been eliminated in the game.
    To top it off I really enjoy that after investing in the game over time I get to hear the champion's real voice and not the horrible default voice, but now with it being so dysfunctional for me at least, and so different I don't even bother using it at all, which is a shame because I can't communicate with the team and I don't get to hear the champion's voice throughout either, so I might as well have the default voice.
    Other titles have tried to accommodate early adopters of their games, I've had to relearn certain systems throughout with Warframe for years for example but I appreciated that with something as fundamental as the controller scheme for example, that they allowed the original players to turn it back to classic control, or in the case of recently, at the very least allow us to re-bind the buttons to the original configuration.
    I wish Hi Rez would have included such an option, as its such a game changer for I'm sure not only me, that it would have been much less disruptive for those of us who have learned the old system.
    The only positive I will say for it is that I haven't so far heard anyone spam the infuriating 'need healing' I usually hear.
    Thanks for the feedback opportunity 🙂

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    well, it looks nice, in tiny mode ^^' the weel is wayyyy too big
    I'm really disappointed, because this new vgs removes a ton of more or less fun voice lines
    I don't mind relearning new key binds, I just want all these voice lines to stay around
    I don't understand this change tbh, I've never had anyone complain about it's complexity, most people don't use all lines anyway, but some do, and I think the community has made it clear about the overall opinion : no one wanted this change, it never bothered anyone to learn or use it, it was way more fun cause we were able to talk without writing, and we all loved the number of voice lines it had
    then if this new vgs is staying anyway, there's a few things that could be changed maybe, like the VE command, very annoying for a support to ask for healing when someone's attacking you
    and commands enemy positioning should be available

  • Tangace I hadn't noticed or even ventured far enough to see that there were less voice commands/statements but yeah that would and does annoy me too. As far as learning new bindings it is really difficult when youve been playing for so long and they are so different. That being said if the voice wheel wasn't so massive and they managed to install that new system but still keep the same button configuration for the old statements I could live with continuing to plug those in and ignore a much smaller command wheel 🙂

  • I like the fact you can choose between wheel and classic mode, giving people more options to suit their needs.

    I like the fact that there's a different font color when the command is last needed to press.

    I don't like literally everything else.

    I don't like how portion of voicelines were removed. Including some very funny ones on certain voicepacks.

    I don't like how categories they separated voicelines in are named in confusing manner. "Hi" voiceline is in "Game", "Responses", "Exclaim", or "cheer?" How am I supposed to guess that?

    I don't like how the keybinds don't make any sense. VSA1 was "V" for start VGS, S for "Self", A for "Attack", and number definied which side of the map I was supposed to call. It was way more memorable than VVE1, for example. I don't see how is this whole thing is supposed to be more new player friendly and intuitive. It is not. They should have done something to actually help new players, for example, have they explained new players how to activate VGS in the first place? No? Didn't think so.

    I don't like how some voicelines play together with others and are dependant on randomness/situation. I don't want to say NEED HEALING, I want to say HELP. I don't want my summer nessa to say "Keep it sunny", I want her to make the whistle sound, and so on. The only voiceline that makes sense to have it is "Ult is ready/down", but even then, I would still prefer option to choose between both. Sometimes I want to say that my ult is ready because it's at 90% and thus is very close, sometimes I want to say that ult is down, but as in, enemy/ally ult is down.

    I don't like how I have to memorize every single voiceline from scratch. I wouldn't mind rememorizing some of them, but changing every single of them is just dreadful. It's not like it's worth the effort with lesser amount of voicelines, I would rather use old VGS in chat tbh.

    Not to mention the whole thing is pretty buggy. Sometimes it goes full blurry and you can't do jack about it.

  • I never use VGS other than through accident. I prefer using a mic (or typing , if I must). Team voice communication can be more detailed and emphasized. Also, I consider VGS and typing a distraction to playing, sort of like texting while driving. Like a few times while typing out a suggestion at the spawn point, the match started before I was done. I certainly wouldn't type while in the middle of a battle.

    VGS may "work" for some people, but I think it's used often just to hear our character's/skin's voice or spamming at the beginning and end of a match.

    Again, Team Voice Chat allows me to be precise in my communication and to compliment teammates by name. I wish it hadn't been removed from casual game play where some new players need information and instduction on how to play the game.

  • PC

    Pretty much a ditto of what @TangAce said along with some more thoughts.

    I can't say I was all that fond of the old VGS. I eventually memorized what was of importance to me - around 8 sequences.


    • Having to relearn keystrokes - in my particular case it's not that many but for heavy VGS users I can see this being a problem.
    • Many of the commands that I used before now need an extra keystroke.
    • Need Healing/Help should not be combined. Even if more intelligence was added such as a sole support not saying "need healing", even that isn't all that great since Khan, Raum, Skye, etc. could heal them.
    • The old system actually had SOME logic for some of the sequences making them easier to learn. This has been lost.


    • I really can't think of anything I like better about the new VGS.

    My overall solution:
    To make the most number of people happy, an additional settings tab should be added that allows user configurable bindings for each of the available phrases. TBH, this would have been a great feature on the old system as well. All the removed phrases should be put back.

  • My last comment on this topic: Just as we had to learn how to play and certain functions of this game, we can do so again. It's not that difficult if we want to continue playing. We always relearn and change in most things in life, a video game can't be too difficult.

  • @Conrad_Max pushover

  • @Lukash369 I like the concept of the new VGS a lot, the wheel makes it more clear for new players, and the fact that it will only say vhs when u actually do need healing is good, but the new keybinds make no sense in my opinion. For example VEW used to stand for 'WOOHOO', E for expression, W for woohoo, now woohoo is VCEE, which makes no sense at all

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    Hmm, what if in game will be option to make few macros for selected voice lines?
    For example:
    Num1 - Need Healing
    Num2 - Group up
    Num3 - Enemies Behind Us

    Everyone could have the 10 most necessary commands without learning the new VGS. What do you think? 🤔
    It's only idea, idk if it's possible to do.

  • PC


    It's still re-learning a habit. Personally I'll just learn the new keys and be done.

    It could be done (doesn't mean they would of course). Adding a new settings tab that I suggested earlier is about the same work as what you suggested - just more bindings.

    No need to modify the game for that either. You can do macros with an app like My gaming mouse can also do this but it doesn't have enough unused buttons.

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    I know that I can do it myself, but this option in the game would be better, because everyone could do it without any problem

    Plus this would slightly solve the problem of the new VGS for part of the community in my opinion

  • PC


    True, I'm looking at it from a PC perspective. Consoles with KB are out.

    Yes it would help but for just a tiny bit more work they could create a map for the full set of phrases instead of a limited subset. I see no point in doing 10 when they could just as easily do all of them.

  • I just think that this change was unnecessary, the old VGS had more options, but this doesn't mean that it was super complex, the keys used made sense, and because it was used so often by everyone, it was easy to new player to learn the most important ones by watching others.Also, while trying to make things "easier" for new players, it made this more complicated to the old ones, I barely see people use VGS now, not to mention that the game characters's voices sometimes don't have much peronality, and with so much lines removed, it just made it worse.

    I don't mind the new wheel style, but I would like to be able to configure it with the lines I use more maybe?
    Or maybe just have the option to choose between the old and the new one, so new player could have this "simple" version without affecting old player.

  • @HimiChan I KNOW it's unecessary

  • Sorry.. I played SMITE for years and now Paladins all the commands are well known for years...
    Now I have to disable (re bind) this new shit that blocking my screen...

    Game less fun when not using the voice lines.

    And chat in EU is terrible with all russian characters that's allowed spamming the screen..

    Now all silent and kinda boring feeling in the game now.. just liek other games that not having the great OLD VGS!!!

  • The issue...

    Relearning a habit

    The nice things...

    It can actually be useful in a way, as long as you're out of combat (wheel size is annoying) Makes people spam VHS much less...

    I've only played one game in each mode today (all three as supports, since people are instalocking Flanknando and Terminus now Pip, Jenos, and Furia) and I do believe it's partially useful...

    But the elephant in the room? It was unnecessary. They could just remove VHS and VHH command and bye-bye spammers...

    It's a bit mixed for me...

  • old vgs come back pls !

  • The new VGS killed the game. While before it seemed colorful and even playful at times, now everyone is simply silent. The game is not fun anymore. I want my Khan to be bale to scream that the burgers are ready, and my Jenos to say my planet need's me. It's like the champions lost their personality.
    I am main support so I know how frustrating it can be when a player on the other side of map keeps screaming 'need healing'. Merging 'help' and 'need healing' was probably the stupidest idea you could come up with. I don't need healing with my Furia when flanks are chasing me, I need help.
    Also the key binding don't make any sense now. While before VEA was for V-turn on VGS, E-emotes, A-awesome, now it is VCEE. Or enemies behind us: before VBE: B-behind, E-enemies, and now it's VBQ. What does that Q stand for?
    I don't even think it's better for the new players. I learned VGS very quickly by simply observing the older players, as they used it a lot. The old key mapping was also much easier to memorize.
    The only good thing about new VGS is that you can change how it looks. You can leave it as the default wheel, or you can have it as 'the old style'. However, the default wheel is too big and obscures most of the screen. (sorry if my english is bad, it's my 2nd language)

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