Removing 3P mode - your opinion

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    Write why you think removing 3p mode was a bad idea.

    But first check, what Adanas wrote about it:

    The removal of Third-Person (3p) is a topic the team here at Evil Mojo extensively discussed before implementing in this update.

    At its core, Paladins was built to be played from the First-Person perspective. If we could rewind time and revisit the implementation of Third-Person, it’s not something we would have added – namely due to our focus on delivering a solid first-person experience across every aspect of the game while supporting it with other systems for our players.

    The plain and simple truth is that having Third-Person introduced a variety of bugs and issues with each passing update we had to comb through and fix, taking valuable time away from our development on other aspects of the game. By removing 3P entirely from Paladins, we’ll be able to re-focus that energy on delivering a healthier, more polished experience across the entirely of our game.

    It’s also worth noting that we will still be including 3P in the Shooting Range, allowing you to view animations and more while practicing your favorite Champions!

    From this point, all new threads about 3p mode will be deleted!

    apparently an employee actually just doesnt care about how we feel? form their discord (evilmojo) also proof of this on the reddit thread.

  • If it improves stability and allows for more game options, then I don't mind it. And as I never play the game in third person, I won't miss it's removal.

    Wasn't there another [current] thread on this topic?

    Now, if this comment [It's not an official word] earns me a few down votes votes, I have accomplished something.

  • @Conrad_Max remember when they removed parts and pieces for the sake of better and smoother performance bit the game continues to crash and people on PC still complain about FPS drops? Crazy right?

  • @OriginalEquinox, I don't experience too many crashes, so I guess I should consider myself blessed(?).

    I'm sure many people do crash. It could be the game, the servers, their provider, their computer/console, their set-up or even their location. But for everyone who experiences regular or consistant crashes to fault Hi-Rez fully, really?

  • @Conrad_Max I'm PS4 as well, I haven't noticed any difference between the stability of the game before or after they removed mix and match, it crashed then and crashes now. They claim this game is not a clone but they're removing everything that makes this game different from titles like Overwatch saying it's to improve the game's performance but the evidence says otherwise, there's even a recent video from a content creator comparing the FPS rate of Paladins on his PC to other games like Overwatch and Battlefield and such and it shows just how bad this game runs even on powerful PCs.

    The reason we don't experience much technical difficulties is because the game on console is heavily watered down compared to the PC version, not just graphics wise but in features as well, see how long it took them to give us text chat for example but it's still limited to the lobby screens.

    Instead of updating their tech to improve the quality of the game they're chopping features they see as nonessential which is a bad decision on their part and it needs to be addressed, they're only humans and make mistakes but mollycoddling them and making vague excuses for their actions based on personal experience won't fix anything.

  • @OriginalEquinox, as I play on a PlayStation 4, it doesn't matter to me if the game is "watered down" from the PC. As long as I have a great gaming experience, it doesn't matter.

    With that said, I remember reading reviews on games released on computer and consoles with the console version rated better than the computer version. I remember computer gamers swearing that they would never play console games. And more often, whether online gaming or offline gaming, I remember computer gamers always complaining about crashes and freezes that their console counterparts weren't having issues with. Years ago and even today.

    Computer geeks.

    I thoroughly enjoy my watered down version of a game.

  • @OriginalEquinox

    The real reason for that was to make skins faster with less effort. That change was not for players. Hi-Rez forgot that people were actually buying skins just for head piece or body. Now people dont buy a skin if they dont like the headpiece or body. Hi-Rez kinda shoot at its own feet. Also they deleted skins people bought with money. Giving finger to paying customers and proving Hi-Rez should not be trusted.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @jocasela haha got em. spitting facts

  • @Conrad_Max no idea if there was another, i dont do forums. i dont do threads, but ill make a thousand emails and repost this a million times if i have to. this is garbage to do to the players and they will realize that when skin sales drop.

  • @ZoroarkSLE said in Removal of 3rd person:

    @Conrad_Max no idea if there was another, i dont do forums. i dont do threads, but ill make a thousand emails and repost this a million times if i have to. this is garbage to do to the players and they will realize that when skin sales drop.

    Do you understand what the "bottom line" is? I am very sure that Hi-Rez Studios are keeping track of sales, profits and loss. You may be asking for something that the majority of players arent interested in

    Take into consideration this: Most of the people who post on an official game forum do so mainly, at first, to complain due to their respective issues. Generally, many people who do love the game will not join and share their experiences.

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    @ZoroarkSLE What is the big deal with 3P?

    You basically get a backside view of your character the entire time. You can see more of the skin using emote or getting on the mount.

    Using it to look around corners is cheating. IMO, the emote lockout time should be even longer to discourage it in ranked.

    Other than those who have some sort of motion issue I see no valid complaint here. If you have this sort of problem you probably shouldn't be playing games like this in the first place.

    As far as the claims it will reduce resources or reduce bugs think about this:
    The same resources will still be needed for emoting and for other players to see it. I call BS. How has their track record been for fixing bugs? Most of the bugs have zero relationship to 3P mode. More BS.

    I see no good reason why 3P can't remain in the spawn room. You will be put in 3P when mounted anyway. Would this be enough to keep you guys happy?

  • @DaddyOoker I speak for myself, when i play characters like Maeve or Moji I find it easier when in 3P. Same goes for Supports like Io, Seris or Jenos, 3P gives me a wider angle of the battlefield without needing to mess with my FOV settings because I'm shortsighted and it would strain my eyes if I did. More recently with the introduction of crossplay I found it helpful to keep track of KB Maeves because it's not easy to track them otherwise.

    As far as I'm aware they haven't said anything in the past about 3P causing or being related to bugs and performance issues so there's no reason to believe them now, if this is just another feature they're chopping to speed up cosmetic production then I hope it backfires badly on them

  • I play casuals on a regular basis on my ps4 and xbox. If 3rd person view is removed, sadly, I'm gonna have to quit playing

  • yo man bring back 3rd person ad thats it no one told yall to change it the whole reason i play is because you can play on 3rd

  • I like to play third person and enjoy my skins.
    If I can't play in the third person, I won't buy new skins and stop playing. Please keep 3rd person.

  • @Ely199 DITTO
    I've been playing since early beta.
    Genius decision. Think they took daily login rewards out too

  • @OriginalEquinox I alternate between the two in-game. I find that I get the most out of the game that way.
    This is the reason I don't play ranked. Though I'd love to.
    I've never actually posted anything on these forums but I've got on here and read through what the community is saying and all and honestly, most of you are babies. The problem PROBABLY isn't the champion. It's PROBABLY you.
    If your still complaining like you were a year ago anyway.. like I said I don't get on these forums..
    The champions have been a lot more balanced out.
    Not saying they don't need work.
    Imo Raum needs work.
    Idrc what you do I'll take that mf regardless who has the controller.
    When I realized they took 3rd person off today with no warning(for me at least)..
    Like I'm ready to delete this shit but I love the game just correct your mistake HIREZ

    And if you choose not to, I hope paladins dies within the year. I am so offended. How do you just take a key aspect of the game out and say oh well that's not how it was ORIGINALLY MADE.



    Nerf Grover as much as you want your still gonna get REKT (lol see what I did there)

  • @ZoroarkSLE agreed the hell if I want play 1st person then I would play shitpex legends or overcrotch. I literally play and love paladins for very reason of third person. I logged on today to try Tiberius out and I can't switch I was pissed I just sat the game down and went to smite cause why play paladins if no third person

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