Removing 3P mode - your opinion

  • @shadowchess So, you just openly admitted to just tossing out others' opinions while positing that yours is the correct one?

    If you don't care how other people think on the subject, then why should anyone give a rat's ass about you?

  • @shadowchess said in Removing 3P mode - your opinion:

    @methylbenzen I dont really care about allot of people's feelings... I play all the champs in 1P and have zero issues. They work just fine in first person. Just because people have gotten used to cheating to play hard to master champions easier, doesnt really make a shit.

    I cant even comprehend how Moji is hard to play, lol ....
    Maeve is hard to play, it's intended and part of her balance....

    Took me about 6 months to master her

    PerditiousC has a valid point on his previous statement. This thread if for 'anyone and everyone' who have an opinion. That statement of yours directly points out that it isn't your problem that they removed third person, so therefore it isn't a problem at all. And once again my dude, if your worried about cheating the devs could program third person to render players only if they are on your team or if they would be visible in first person. People have preferences and contrary to your claims in your first reply to me, you are proving to be a hypocrite as now there is no denying that you "don't really care about people's feelings". Frankly I personally don't see a place for self centered people with a "fuc everyone else that isn't me" mentality. Sorry, not sorry.

    Also, yes all players are playable in first person. So no the devs shouldn't remove them, the magic solution is return the option to others who are more comfortable with it. And the whole cheating thing doesn't really go that far in a game like this. If it were call of duty or battlefield, that would be a different story simply due to the general versatility of this game and it's characters, combined with the undeniable fact that ambushing in paladins doesn't really bear nearly as much weight as in bf or cod. It frankly seems like an excuse to justify your argument and hardly anything more.

  • @II-Souleon-II @shadowchess @methylbenzen I personally think there's a great compromise here. Do what Ultima Online did way back in the day with their "red/blue" servers. Make two queues. Make one for people who want "1st Person Only" and one for people with "No Preference" and see who is waiting longer to play. Just make it a menu toggle like how certain Hi-Rez games let you pick whether you only play with people who have the same input method as you or allow everyone to be queued with you. Then everyone who "doesn't really care about a lot of people's feelings" can queue in the "1st Person Only" queue and wait 15-20 minutes for a match and the rest of us can be happy. ☺

  • @vemerce as far as I know, it could work. However that would divide up the existing players considerably. That could complicate the general situation by causing fewer people to be matched together, making for longer waiting and likely at times even no match availability. This potential issue would only be magnified if the developers were to separate the two groups that actually need to be separated... Analog and mouse users, and I say that for obvious reasons because unlike the "third person is cheating" bit that looks to me like an excuse for the argument, that there is a real problem for analog users. Props for trying to compromise though, my only real problem with shadow is, as I said previously, his "fuk everyone that isn't me" mentality and consequently his unwillingness to understand, acknowledge, and respect that his opinion isn't the only one that matters.

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    To everyone arguing on this thread: please keep all discussion/feedback centered on the argument, not another person or their intent. This thread was created to gather player feedback on removing third-person mode.

  • @shadowchess First off, if you don't need to prove yourself, why argue in the first place? Also, most don't bother with forums and of those who do, most check them just for conformation, and don't bother logging in because they don't know how to or it's just too much trouble to even bother. That said, a vast majority of people look something up if they are having a problem that they can't seem to figure out on their own.
    Frankly, I'd bet money that a vast majority of those numbers you mentioned would agree that third person is better for this sort of game.

  • Personally, it's alot harder to appreciate the skin without 3rd person unless you're a Pip main,

    In that case, he has almost new skins.

    Worse still his head blocks his own crosshair in 3rd person and Hirez never adressed that issue

  • @II-Souleon-II I appriciate the removal of 3P and i think it was good for the game.

    I have already elaborated on why, some people disagree.

    I believe that having a new player pick up the game, play for months learning all the champs in 3P. Decides to get serious about the game and play rank only to learn that its not available because it provides an unfair competative advantage. Serious player lost, due to options that should not be there.

    This is my final post on this thread.

  • Might I suggest that a pole be posted on the game menu where everyone will be sure to see it. And since they would be signed into their profile already when in game, it wouldn't be any extra work for anyone who doesn't feel like doing it. This way, planned changes to the game can be voted on for priority or reconsideration based on the votes. That prove far more efficient than the feedback thread, as no one would be going in any significant way out of their way to post. Easier, simpler, instant access via the main menu would insure that most if not all would give feedback on the given upcoming feature. Having this in the form of a pole would make the evaluation process stupid simple and easy, as it would only be comparing numbers. The general discussion would still be useful for more specific suggestions that aren't included in the poles.

  • @II-Souleon-II, would such a poll differentiate between the one time player and a regular player? Would a one time player's opinion and vote matter? What about the vote or opinion of a player who only plays once every week or two?

    Such a poll would be more practical here on this forum.

  • You removed 3P mode I just removed your game from my PC... it's simple.

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    @arek999999999 But why? 🤔

  • @Lukash369 That simple thing was something what make this game for me better than other hero shooters and was more enjoyable with 3P mode... I think this game with 3P mode was something unique. Now Paladins aren't unique... there are just like everything else.

  • @arek999999999 said in Removing 3P mode - your opinion:

    @Lukash369 That simple thing was something what make this game for me better than other hero shooters and was more enjoyable with 3P mode... I think this game with 3P mode was something unique. Now Paladins aren't unique... there are just like everything else.

    Are all the games you play in third person? If so, how does that make Paladins unique?

    For my part, I think it's the personality and humor of each character and player that makes this game unique. If the personality and humor wasn't there, then I wouldn't be playing this game.

  • @Conrad_Max So find me another hero shooter with 3P mode. Sure

  • @arek999999999, now you are aguing for the sake of arguing. Third person shooters are out there. We just have to look.

  • @Conrad_Max For me 3P mode was very important in Paladins for you maybe not.... I talked about lack of Hero Shooters with 3P mode not ordinary TPS.

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