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  • @LukeWolfy-ITA I appreciate the feedback, but I don't think you paid full attention to my comment. I had clearly stated that there was a better way for the devs to have salved that issue, which was hardly an issue anyway. Render players only if they would be visible in first person. Seriously it's been done before. And I didn't say it was a fun way to see the world differently, rather that it was an option that helped to serve a wider variety of preference for player comfort. That said, the removal of third person was far more harm than good.

  • @II-Souleon-II Sorry, I didn't read all answers here. 😥 They are too many!! But anyway, I just wanted to express my opinion about this situation, trying to hurt nobody.

  • @LukeWolfy-ITA don't apologise, I'm just clarifying. You haven't done anything wrong in stating your opinion.

  • I'm new to this game but am disappointed that there is no 3rd person option. I always like to see my characters in games I play. I tried this game out but am not sure if I am going to stay with it. The game itself seems fun but not being able to see my character is a downer. Plus I would never buy a skin if everyone else can enjoy it but me. What's the point?

  • @OutlawSmuggler, what's the point of buying or earning a skin? For me, personally, it's so that others can see it. So that others can recognize me - especially if it is a limited skin that most players do not have. Sometimes I have been remembered because of the skin(s) I use.

    Being able to personalize my character or game makes the game even more fun.

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    I really think 3P should be allowed in the spawn room. Surely this won't cause bugs since you will be put on the mount in 3P anyway. Since the removal I can tell that the wait in the spawn has much less clowning around than before - less fun. I don't think I've seen any skin boost requests since this change - this should be a clue.

  • @Vaporized, people still clown around when I play. I don't as I use that time to strategize with the team.

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    LOL. Here's strategy on PC.
    Casual: WTF didn't you pick a f**king whatever. You suck. That's a stupid talent.
    Ranked: You fing DA. Why'd you ban that. What the f*k is wrong with you. etc.
    Even worse is someone with a mic. PC + mic= 90% chance of loss.

    You're against 3P in the SPAWN room? Come on..

    PS: Not my down vote.

  • @Vaporized, I know that you didn't down vote me. But apparently someone has an issue with:

    1. I still see teammates clowning around at the spawn point.

    2. I take the time in the spawn point to attempt to stategize with my team.

    The person who down voted my comment didn't bother to explain why they found this a bad thing. Especially the part of strategizing before a match?

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    @Conrad_Max Could be because the topic is about 3P and not strategy.

    What do you have against 3P in the SPAWN room? It should be harmless and adds some extra fun that is currently lacking.

  • @Vaporized, for me, it's unnecessary. But if people want it, it wouldn't hurt to ask.

  • I just came back to Paladins, saw new and awesome skins for some of my favorite characters, bought them, joined a game, and found out I can't even go into third person anymore... Paladins for me was the one game that felt like I was playing many of my favorite games growing up like Fable, Dragon Age, or many other sword fighters with third person, I loved it! It was the main difference it had from like Overwatch and I had so many ways to play and enjoy my experience because of it, now it really doesn't have what I loved so much about it and I feel every skin I've bought was somewhat of a waste now. It doesn't feel like the games I loved anymore, instead it fells like overwatch. Kind of like when MySpace tried to be more like FaceBook and the website then died... I just have no reason to play this game over so many other FPS copies and and rehashes. Thanks for the memories, I'll be on a different game I guess xD.

  • Yea very disappointing that they decided to remove this because they are too lazy to work out bugs. I cant imagine that the time saved ignoring these bugs is worth all the players it is going to drive away. This is one of the main things that brought me over from overwatch. It is a completely different mechanic and feel that should definitely be an option. Whether it is toggleable or its own game mode or whatever. But ultimately it is their game and decision. Hopefully another studio will try out 3rd person. Then again gogigantic failed as well so who knows

  • Please give us third person back people spent hundreds of dollars on skins so they could look at it. Removing third person in my opinion was pretty unnecessary like yes we get it a lot of bugs were occurring because of it but you guys are just straight up lazy to fix them. And if you really don’t want third person in casual or ranked then just make a separate mode dedicated to just third person it’s not hard I suppose.Please guys give us back third person in some way,shape, or form.I also hope you guys read this.

  • LOL so they removed 3rd person? That was the only reason I started playing this game. I came back and kept dying trying to figure out how to turn 3rd person on like I forgot. That’s a shame, that’s literally the only reason I’m enjoyed this game so I could see the character. Oh well, deleted.

  • @Fiendishpoptart also the money I spent for those skins was for the sole purpose of me being able to see them. Y’all basically robbed me of my money. At that point give me back my money

  • @Fiendishpoptart said in Removing 3P mode - your opinion:

    LOL so they removed 3rd person? That was the only reason I started playing this game. I came back and kept dying trying to figure out how to turn 3rd person on like I forgot. That’s a shame, that’s literally the only reason I’m enjoyed this game so I could see the character. Oh well, deleted.

    Seriously, you only reason you enjoyed the game was for the skins and nothing else? What about game play and interaction with teammates and opponents? This is like saying I only played becsuse I liked one character's audio.

    As for a refund, that won't happen. You can try, but you won't get it. You got what you had paid for. Any expectations beyond that is on you. Please, use the link in my signature to request a refund.

  • @Conrad_Max Yes he played this game because he liked 3rd person. WHO ARE U TO JUDGE WHAT SOMEONE LIKES IN THIS GAME???

  • @EnemyUnknown, sorry. You missed the point.

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