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    I am furious at myself for thinking this, but the third person is what actually made this game unique. I understand the whole bug and FPS situation you guys are dealing with but the fact of the matter is, this is what made the game special to so many players. This is truly the one thing Hi-Rez did better then Overwatch, unreal tournament, and TF2 in terms of arena based games. It definitely must be tough feeling like we are all against you, but if you believe this is the right move, this is your game and it is up to you to make this decision. I will continue to play as I have always thoroughly enjoyed the game but it truly does feel like a big chunk is now missing.

    "Third person is what made the game unique"

    I'm not tryna be rude but I dont really know how else to say it.....


    Edit: you think your good at math,
    Your not. This game has had balance issues for f***ing years and it's your fault

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    @Vaporized, I know that you didn't down vote me. But apparently someone has an issue with:

    1. I still see teammates clowning around at the spawn point.

    2. I take the time in the spawn point to attempt to stategize with my team.

    The person who down voted my comment didn't bother to explain why they found this a bad thing. Especially the part of strategizing before a match?


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    @snick2426 3rd person made this game unique riiiiiiight this a FPS from the start, 3rd person is for player who only use it to watch on walls im guessing your not good on 1st person

    on 1st person it minimize the view
    on 3rd person you can see the area on wider range
    the reason why 3rd person was remove cause its a cheap move to see the enemy plain easy on small walls and corner

    if you want to use the cheap move use the taunt lol
    this is not a battle royal for you too use a cheap move on watching corners or your so called make the game unique

    do overwatch players complained on their 1st

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  • @roiwtto999 You think the only reason for players to want 3rd person back in the game is to be able to peek corners? no man, is not that, corner peeaking is not even a good tactic once you face against skilled players.
    Now 3rd person was just too much fun to use and I was 100% ok with it being disabled in ranked matches, player advantage wasn't even the reason they gave us to justify it's removal, it was cost of development right? but guys, you at EM, come on you could have saved it, even if it was not perfect. I don't really want to throw crap at you guys but the game still have a lot of thing that need fixing, and 3rd person was not one of them, people weren't even complaining unlike they do about other stuff.

    You know I played a lot and bought a lot of skins and passes back when 3rd person was available, so did my friends, now I haven't event touched the game but I assure you I would be back in a blink of an eye if you bring it back. EVEN if is it just available on custom matches, even then I'll jump right back in. How bad could it be if you give your players a little treat and enable 3rd person on custom matches, you would just make a bunch of people happy even if the feature has some problems.
    @Conrad_Max so people at EM do read this right? I mean if they know about how much people want this, they may reconsider at some point right? idk I might be feeling too hopeful today.

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    @Mr-Pepo 3rd person got wide range on view and easy camp corner watch you think im that stupid to know players do that tactics.....noob pleas the reason they want to bring back 3rd person is to do corner camp ive been seeing that tactis all the time before when they add 3rd person

    even when your on the high ground you can easily see player below on a good view when on 3rd person but on 1st person you can see but not way more

  • @roiwtto999 Yes yes I know it has some advantages, that's why 3rd person was disabled on ranked matches. 3rd person was only available on casual matches and even then it was not a big advantage, I mean people can still do it now using emotes or playing jenos if they want. So what you are complaining about here is still implemented in the game and has nothing to do with the removal of the third person toggle, the reason Evil Mojo gave to us on why they removed that feature from the game was not player advantage.

    Now I get why you may feel at disadvantage over a player using 3rd person if you like to play 1rst person only. That's why I'm only asking for 3rd person to be available on custom matches only, you don't have to play that if you don't want to is like playing 1 vs 1 mode, totally optional. And the only effect it would have on the state of the game would be more players coming back to paladins, and that's a good thing right?

  • Lets be fair, most people loved being able to apreciate the skins on their favorite characters WAY more than ranked playes actually using is as a mechanic to have a FOV advantage.

    And im not saying this just because i have the shore patrol skins 😄

  • On topic: I use skins not because I want to see them.

    Off topic: I use certain skins so that others will see and, perhaps, appreciate them. I rarely change the skin of a character unless something more representative of my personality and/or philosophies becomes available. In fact, some limited skins allow a few players a certain amount of recognition with the players they play with or against.

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    Do you guys not think it's time to maybe move on from this discussion?

    3P was removed and won't be coming back, so I don't think there's any point to continue on talking about it

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