Removing 3P mode - your opinion

  • I like to play third person and enjoy my skins.
    If I can't play in the third person, I won't buy new skins and stop playing. Please keep 3rd person.

  • @Ely199 DITTO
    I've been playing since early beta.
    Genius decision. Think they took daily login rewards out too

  • @OriginalEquinox I alternate between the two in-game. I find that I get the most out of the game that way.
    This is the reason I don't play ranked. Though I'd love to.
    I've never actually posted anything on these forums but I've got on here and read through what the community is saying and all and honestly, most of you are babies. The problem PROBABLY isn't the champion. It's PROBABLY you.
    If your still complaining like you were a year ago anyway.. like I said I don't get on these forums..
    The champions have been a lot more balanced out.
    Not saying they don't need work.
    Imo Raum needs work.
    Idrc what you do I'll take that mf regardless who has the controller.
    When I realized they took 3rd person off today with no warning(for me at least)..
    Like I'm ready to delete this shit but I love the game just correct your mistake HIREZ

    And if you choose not to, I hope paladins dies within the year. I am so offended. How do you just take a key aspect of the game out and say oh well that's not how it was ORIGINALLY MADE.



    Nerf Grover as much as you want your still gonna get REKT (lol see what I did there)

  • @ZoroarkSLE agreed the hell if I want play 1st person then I would play shitpex legends or overcrotch. I literally play and love paladins for very reason of third person. I logged on today to try Tiberius out and I can't switch I was pissed I just sat the game down and went to smite cause why play paladins if no third person

  • @Prudex same here. But I ain't gonna go play smite.

  • I play on Ps4 and today i decide to delete this game and my level 360 account.
    The third person was the only way for us to fight fast champions like Maeve, Skye,Talus etc etc. But now it become a nightmare and when you cant have fun, its better leave and dont become a toxic player

  • I agree! I loved seeing the skins on my characters. Not only that, I play better in 3rd person because I believe it is easier to aim. Growing up I never played video games so I’m not very good at them. I found paladins and I play daily! It’s just about the only game I play and I have a lot of fun. I like to work hard to get new characters and skins but now that I can’t see the skins it’s not as exciting to me. Also since 3rd person is gone I don’t have as much fun playing and I’m considering just quitting altogether. There are many first person shooters out there and I was so used to playing 3rd person. It made this game unique and stand out more than others..I’d rather have 3rd person and have my game crash once a day or whatever than not have it at all 🤷🏼♀

  • Because I almost always play in 3rd person, removal of this options means to me to stop the game.

    Would be nice if the player had the chance to decide by its own whether I want to play 3rd person with more crashes or 1st person with less. Btw, I never had crashes in 3rd person.

    Nevertheless have fun with the game, but HiRez lost me.

  • I don't normally use it so I actually hadn't noticed it had been removed. I liked seeing the character but I found it hard to use because I felt like I was further away from the target reticle.
    I did feel like third person had the advantage of seeing more of what was going on behind me though so maybe with the technical issues implementing it aside, it helps balance things from that aspect so its the same for everyone?

  • I don't really use it that much, only sometimes in spawn to look at skin and stuff, but I must admit removing it after such long time is very stupid, because there are people that play this game in 3rd person only, and now portion of those people will just refuse to play and quit. And since they used 3rd person, they probably bought some skins too. Idk, it just feels like they intentionally lost some customers for no reason whatsoever.

  • Who else cant see behind them... I may have eyes in the back of my head but my character sure as hell don't lmao.. but in all seriousness Androxus got me multiple times by sneaking up behind me..... The wide view I once had is gone... 😞 but oh well i guess..

  • Other than bringing third person up three times just to look at it for a couple of seconds, I never use it. I prefer first person mode as it seems more "real" to me. And as for wanting to see the skins I'm using, I never get skins so that I can see them. I get skins so that others can see them - so that some people may recognize me [love limited skins].

  • PC

    I have three accounts. One freeloader, the account I'm posting here with, and two others that have champion packs. I never paid for a skin or BP and never will but that's me and I'm likely not the average player.

    I never used 3P. I can see my skins via emote or on the mount. After all the noise about it I tried to play a match in 3P, before this update of course, and I had to switch back after 1 minute because it was distracting and threw all my perspective off. If removal of 3P is permanent I do think it should remain in the spawn room and any other place that's not during actual match play. This gives people things to do while the timer is counting down.

    The only reason I consider it a mistake is that many other players liked it and the removal may cause a loss of revenue. Only EM can determine the impact of this.

  • @DaddyOoker said in Removing 3P mode - your opinion:

    The only reason I consider it a mistake is that many other players liked it and the removal may cause a loss of revenue. Only EM can determine the impact of this.

    Which I hope it does. If not fixed by next battlepass.
    I feel like the game has been shutdown and they what they want but it's about $$$

  • Keep pressing C button out of habit. 😞

  • Ok. When i first started playing like.. 3years ago? I didn't start with 3rd person. I discovered it. I like to alternate between the two mid game and I use 3rd person not only cause it looks awesome.. but to watch my back. I like first person too. But without one of them it isn't the same game for me.
    I cannot stress this enough

    Someone made a big change(without asking opinions of the players) which is honestly mindblowing cause like.. You guys seem to really stay in touch with the community..

    Y'all really let me down.
    Y'all make unnecessary change way too often..
    The title screen will probably be changed about 10 more times before the game dies..
    You let a lot of us down..
    Cause you wanted a little more cash a little more fast

    That is not an opinion
    It's a fact

  • just bought battle pass before knowing about this and screw this. just wasted money on a game im never playing again because the only reason i even played it to begin with was because of 3rd person. fuck thiiiiiiiis. and daily bonus no more. this update lost me. bye shit game

  • You know at first I didn't care about it because I used emotes a lot and only needed to peek behind walls. But with time I grew up, starting getting money and with money, came skins that were more than cheap recolors.... And to look at skins with emoting is limited to 2-3 seconds and has the animation. I like to spend all the time in the lobby in 3rd person then switch to first person to play. If the community skins battlepass almost had me forgive the changes of vgs from something useful and well thought to that... thing..., the deleting of the 3rd person is basically the same as killing 90% of the interest of taking a battlepass... I don't buy skin to look at them in my champion list, or I just wouldn't buy them, I buy them to look at them in-game on a daily basis. I feel really betrayed having spent so much money to get every single interesting skin in the game only to be denied the right to enjoy them. It was already disabled in ranked damn it... I decided that for the first time in 3 years, I won't connect to the game for 7 days straight, hoping I'm not the only one feeling like this so it may have some kind of impact.

  • @Lukash369 It broke my hart that they took it out. I don't enjoy playing first person and i did try plying in first person i just don't like it. The feel of the game is to different for me, I won't be playing the game any more 😞

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