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    @VorxDargo the only reason you want 3rd person is wall peek, wide view and look at your character butt....nothing else you lack skills on 1st person

  • 3P is like having a wide lens shot in a movie. Totally unreal. 1P is more realistic. Sadly, supporters of 3P don't want "reality".

    I can peek around a corner in 1st Person. Can you? I just can't see behind my ears as in 3P.

  • @Conrad_Max
    People don't always want realism in a game, they play games to get away from it. And there is nothing real about Paladins which is set in a WoW like world.

    People who keep using arguments like that just clearly don't understand, or even want to try to understand why people like 3rd person in games like this.
    And to touch on the "look at character's butt" thing.. That just proves you can't comprehend why we enjoy it.

    I'm also bias in my opinion as well because i feel 1st person is just lazy development. Games during programming are done in 1st person to build the world, then the characters are added. By not adding a 3rd person view point the developers are doing less programming. But that is my personal opinion on that.

    The over all fact here is the option was in the game and they removed it because they were to lazy to maintain it. Argue against 3rd person all you want that FACT will not change.

  • Still hoping they reverse this, 3rd person was a huge draw for a bunch of people.
    In the year they added it even people i talked to on Overwatch said they jumped on Paladins to try it out. Please Devs, put it back in..

  • I may not buy this battle pass because of no 3P. I know there may be dozens of technical problems, but having the option on non competitive game modes would be nice.

  • @Arligan
    It was nice.. It really was..
    I had so much fun with 3rd person. Plus characters like Terminus and Fernado are best in 3rd person.

  • @Conrad_Max XDDD you are delusional Conrad. If u want reality maybe play battlefield or maybe go outside from your basement because playing 24 hours per day is bad for you. 3P game mode didn't hurt anyone but nooo... just remove it. Wonderfull idea to have less playerbase.

  • @EnemyUnknown, I play the game about two hours in a livingroom. I am hardly delusional and I do have a full-time job and a family life. As for 3P hurting the game, the developers have stated their reasoning for it's removal. Your "argument" is with them and not with me.

  • The main issue here is if they just removed the 3rd person option just like that, what is stopping them from removing more?
    What is stopping them from even going back to OB64? When that was released they seemed extremely proud of it after all until the player base called it out.

    You people don't see the bigger threat here, just removing an option that has been in the game for over a year for BS reason should worry you, very much!

  • @VorxDargo said in Removing 3P mode - your opinion:

    You people don't see the bigger threat here, just removing an option that has been in the game for over a year for BS reason should worry you, very much!

    I get where you're coming from, but I'd hardly call the plentyful of bugs that old 3P caused a BS reason to remove it. I'd rather have no 3P for now and hope for them to eventually one day code it back from scratch than getting it back immediately and having again all those old issues.

  • @SomeGuySomeWhere
    It was BS, rather then fix it they took the lazy route and expect people to just quietly go along?
    Countless Reddit post, a 200+ post here, posts on Twitter, all in favor of it coming back. They screwed up, people are MAD, and player base dropped.

    They messed up.

  • Not really understanding why the mods would direct people here anymore. The company has now made it very clear they don't care what is said here.
    I use to praise Hi-Rez and their games, but after this i can't.

  • Still nothing, what was the point of them even having this opinion post?
    Clearly they don't care.
    Screw HiRez
    Screw Mojo

  • @VorxDargo
    Aw i offended two people, most likely the "mods" who have been defending this company.
    Don't care. It's all true.

    Screw Hi-Rez
    Screw Mojo

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    Remember that bumping threads is not allowed @VorxDargo.

  • @Lukash369
    Its not bumping, each post in an opinion. Isn't that what this thread was for?
    Just because i'm the only one posting here doesn't make it simply a bump..

    You are a mod, you should know this..

  • So i don't get "don't bump" again..

    3rd person return idea:
    Keep it like it was before, in casuals only, but have it so that 3rd person isn't a button toggle rather before the match you select a weapon for your character that puts them in 3rd person.

  • So today i won't be posting ideas, or anything like that. But rather PROOF people what it back.

    People are STILL posting on places like Reddit to get this back, this was from 15 days ago!

    There is also a petition to get it back as well, at the time of this post it was already up to 270 sigs and growing BY THE SECOND! The set goal is 500 sigs and i'm sure it will get there by today at this current rate. TAKE NOTICE MOJO AND HI-REZ!

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    @VorxDargo no one care on your petition on forcing adding 3rd person which its a cheat move on corner peeking

    This is not your game so leave the way it was your acting like a karen

  • @roiwtto999
    Ok this has gone on to long, i challenge all of you who keep saying corner peak to give just ONE other reason for no 3rd person every argument is the same recycled thing over, and over, and over, and over..
    And the thing is its been PROVEN AGAINST time after time. Stop parroting one another and give just ONE other reason.

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