Removing 3P mode - your opinion

  • @insider4life02
    They already did sadly and the only reason was they didn't wanna deal with quote "bugs".
    In other words they were to lazy to do their jobs.

  • @Conrad_Max
    What the F are you even talking about, no one said anything about team work?
    This is a post about third person mode being removed.
    Please stay on topic.

  • @roiwtto999
    You do realize when this game was launched on consoles it basically had 3rd person in the options right? By removing the third person the players who started on consoles seen it as them removing a core option in the game.

  • @VorxDargo said in Removing 3P mode - your opinion:

    By removing the third person the players who started on consoles seen it as them removing a core option in the game.

    Speaking for only myself, I never saw it as that. But, I'm only speaking for myself - a console player.

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    @VorxDargo you do know this game was introduced first as a 1st person pc and also why do we need 2 modes theirs only 1 mode at every game not 2 also going 3rd person is a prime example of wall peeking camper ive seen it many times when they add it but when they remove it theirs no more of wall peeking ambushed player

    I played paladin since OB0 and i played overwatch adding 3rd person only add wall peeking player it doesn't make this game unique only campers

  • @Conrad_Max
    That is fine, but a lot did, hence the Redit posts, the petitions, and so on.
    They setup a game on consoles with these 3rd persona and play of the game and then just removed them, not only that but their reason was literally saying rather then fix anything that came from them it was easier to just remove them. They actually admitted they were just being lazy.

  • @roiwtto999
    AGAIN with the peeking, my god its literally all you people have.
    And as for the 1st person on console stuff, it launched on consoles with both, it was tested on PC and launched the same time it went beta on consoles.

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    I have never seen a debate more petty in my life if I'm being honest...

    My opinion on it at the moment is that in casual it's fine, competitive it's not (and emotes should be banned for the same reason). That being competitively-speaking it would deincentivize learning the concept of awareness and it makes snipers and benefits long-range DPSes that struggle with flanks a little too much.

    But really, the opinion that I have the strongest is that this debate is so insanely toxic and childish that I've really had enough of it. It's not in the game, it doesn't make that much of an impact on it aside from maybe the case of people with motion sickness. So to me, the solution to this is just accept the fact it's not in the game and move on with your f***ing lives. There's better things to do with your time than this.

    EDIT: Derp. 😓

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    @VorxDargo than tell me whats difference between players on 1st person and 3rd person when their on corner walls peeking looking on a wall do both sides can see any player walking your path......spoiler 1st person hardly see but 3rd person can see plain easy

  • Shhhhh, let plebs argue about precious 3rd person. Let them wait for games like ratchet and clank and kingdom hearts to have a pro scene... and a solid multiplayer design.
    Seriously, 3rd person gamers fragging a game designed for Fps... how entitled... and how many games have you made?

    Just stop adding to the discussion if there is nothing worthwhile to say..
    Its just the same a old tantrum, and its pathetic at this point, you can add layers of reasoning, but it won't work vs a triggered karen will it?
    That is what this thread is now, what a wild read.

    Fps gameplay did not evolve much by looking at the character you play... both formats are amost the exact same with their own jank benefits, Fps internal body camera slims the profile of the character and makes them feel like less of a truck to play, allowing a player to make more agile reactions and turns without the camera clipping on the environment. But 3rd person cannot be done without being an awareness crutch by design, no person has out of body sense as an ability, and third person provides this to every player in an unrealistic and unbalenced way when it comes to obtaining battle info, if you complain about emotes, hey its made to attract casual gamers, real people have no need for emotes, and should not even be in ranked due to tilt... geez a good fern has gotta love his laugh emote, free taunt, free tilt, works vs idiots.

    If you put this much time and effort into making your own 3rd person games, programming over the sholder aiming is almost always offset when it is based off of a primary FPS, unless your aim is right behind the player character so their body is blocking your sight, or you redesign the bullet travel path, your shots will drift off on an angle and not follow the crossair past a certain range.

    Meaning you are supporting a format of aiming that is intentionally inaccurate at range. So it is only suited to limited champs...

    Furthermore, my trials with the dozen 3rd person paladins games was jank collisions in terrain, brakes on ability use, brakes on respawn, brakes when cc, character animation braking to T posses when certain abilities clash, this was playing the champions that worked with 3rd person. I started fragging 3rd person when ferns camera broke on shield and ult causing me to ditch a game, if that happens to more then 50 players a day and decides the game outcome for 500 players. That is bad for stability. How can a serious gamer support that when it ends their game prematurely or ruins the gameplay.

    Now, I have not seen a T pose for a long time, the skeletons and animations tend to be more stable now then when 3rd person was out. Still not perfect, ragdolls do ragdoll things and sometime players die still standing until respawn and so on, but to agure that 3rd person should return without having a grasp of some the issues it created is rich.

    Understand what Dev will need to do a better take on implementing 3rd person to each chatacter and map to work with abilities and camera bugs. Then they will still need to iron out the coding, fix irregularities in maps and camera collision issues they do not account for. Adding this to each character would require a few patches worth of code overhaul that will not be absorbed by the compeditive players, nor does dev have the power to do this to every character quickly. They could put their time to better use.While it can be implemented, the instability it may provide would not be desired in the games current state and may need a few patches in PTR.

    I don't really need to say anything more. I just want games to evolve properly and not waste time catering to fads, casual gamers who do not understand programming, or pandering to dynamics to inflate playerbase numbers when the game should attract a skilled audience instead based on gameplay.

    We should not be wasting our time with this.
    There is skull crushing to be done.

  • @Dusklicious
    Accept the fact..
    So if we just accept it and move on what is to stop them from removing something you like? What is to stop a return of OB64, after all the dev team loved it. It was players who didn't.

    You may not like my opinion but a simple search of the net will show i'm not alone.

    Your wall of text is overdone at best. It all sums up to the same as everyone else has been saying.
    F-Casuals F-3rd person fans, and so on. You SHEEP are so blind to the threat this poses it's almost scary.

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    @VorxDargo said in Removing 3P mode - your opinion:

    Accept the fact..
    So if we just accept it and move on what is to stop them from removing something you like? What is to stop a return of OB64, after all the dev team loved it. It was players who didn't.

    You may not like my opinion but a simple search of the net will show i'm not alone.

    3rd person does almost nothing for the game... There's no real reason to even have it. You're pretty much just whining for the sake of whining and trying very hard to justify it with a very stupid argument.

    I mean how you're trying to justify this, they should never remove any problematic feature because somebody liked it. So you want the old Firing Line talent back (in an un-nerfed form)? Aggression? Death and Taxes? I certainly don't. But yet the logic you're using here would suggest you do unlike literally everyone else that plays the game.

    I go back to saying just accept the fact this is a first-person game, which you seem unable to do with your toxic frame of mind.

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    @Dusklicious i dont know why he want 3rd person you can clearly do wall peeking and what looking character butts

  • @roiwtto999
    Come up with a NEW argument.

  • @Dusklicious
    I'm not the only one who wants it back, use Google for two seconds and you'll see all the post on Redit, the petitions, and so on. You call me toxic, you FPS die hards are some of the most toxic people in all gaming for years.

    In an opinion post for example you came in and started going after me simply because i was trying to get it back, is that not toxic? (By the way "Mod" nice doing your job, not).
    Not only that but every argument you people made has lashed at me in some way rather then providing reasoning for it not to be added, all it really breaks down to is wall peeking. You have NOTHING ELSE.

  • PC

    @VorxDargo your the only one who is active on 3rd person only want it back to do wall peeking plain and simple

  • @VorxDargo
    I love how the people lashing at me are down voting my post, like it matters.
    Face it everything you people are trying to say has zero base. All you keep coming back to is "Just accept it" Wall Peeking" You have nothing else to use.

    I've given options they could use, i've given reasons people want it back, and so on. This is an opinion post about it and i'm giving mine. Don't like it? Don't read it. SIMPLE!

  • @roiwtto999
    So the tons of post on other stuff are what? Non existent?
    You do know why people don't post here right? They feel the Devs don't look here despite it being more a direct communication to them then say Twitter.

  • PC

    @VorxDargo If not having 3P is so much of an issue to you that you have to personally attack people and project your toxicity onto other people, why not just not play the game? It really has no f***ing reason to be such a massive problem for you in the first place, so.

    Also, Whining and complaining aren't opinions we can use. All they do is prove us right when we say that all you're doing is finding an excuse to whine and complain about something and to attack people on the internet. Get a f***ing life.

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